Jensen Ackles, Ian Somerhalder, or Jay Ryan. Who is the sexiest actor? Vote!!!

Jensen Ackles, Ian Somerhalder, or Jay Ryan. Who is the sexiest actor? Vote!!!
Isabel del Rio

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles, The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder, or Beauty & the Beast star Jay Ryan. Who is the sexiest actor? Vote!!!

Jensen Ackles, Ian Somerhalder, or Jay Ryan. Who is the sexiest actor? Vote!!!

Jensen Ackles in Supernatural

Jensen Ackles was born in Dallas on March 1, 1978. He is known for his roles as Eric Brady in Days of our Lives, as Alec/X5-494 in Dark Angel, and as Jason Teague in Smallville. Currently, he plays the role as Dean Winchester on the CW series Supernatural.

Height: 1.86 m / 6 Feet 1 1/4 Inches. Weight: 79 kg / 175 lbs. Eye Color: Green/blue.

Horoscope: Pisces: compassionate, adaptable, accepting, devoted, imaginative, and romantic.

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Jensen Ackles, Ian Somerhalder, or Jay Ryan. Who is the sexiest actor? Vote!!!

Ian Somerhalder in The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder was born in Covington, Louisiana, on December 8, 1978. From age 10 to 13, he embarked on a modeling career, and by the age of 17 he decided to go into acting. He is well known for playing Boone Carlyle in the TV drama Lost, and above all, for his role as Damon Salvatore in the successful TV drama The Vampire Diaries.

Height: 1.76 m / 5 Feet 9 1/4 Inches. Weight: 71 kg / 156.5 lbs. Eye Color: Blue.

Horoscope: Sagittarius: brave, independent, adventurous, creative and happy.

Jensen Ackles, Ian Somerhalder, or Jay Ryan. Who is the sexiest actor? Vote!!!

Jay Ryan in Beauty & the Beast

Jay Ryan was born in Auckland, New Zealand, on 29 August 1981. Under his birthname of Jay Bunyan, he appeared in the “Scallywag Pirates”(2000) and in the Australian soap opera Neighbours from late 2002 until January 2005. However, when auditioning for roles in Los Angeles, it was suggested that Ryan change his name. He is known for his roles in the New Zealand comedy/drama series Go Girls, the Australian comedy/drama series Offspring, and the American science fiction series Terra Nova. Currently, he plays as the male lead in the CW’s Beauty & the Beast.

Height: 185 cm / 6 Feet 1 Inches. Weight: 75kg / 165lbs. Eye color: Hazel.

Horoscope: Virgo: observant, helpful, reliable, precise, and maybe a little skeptical.

Jensen Ackles, Ian Somerhalder, and Jay Ryan. Three sexy men, and great actors. What is your favorite? Difficult choice! Vote!!!

Enjoy your day, Yareah friends. Art is everywhere and up to you!

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  • Clover Smythe

    First of all, that picture of Jensen Ackles is at least ten years old. Jensen is pushing forty now and doesn’t look much like that these days. And where the hell is Stephen Amell??? He’s a thousand times better looking that any of these three. PLUS, he can actually ACT, something that the three you’ve chosen unfortunately cannot do.

    Okay, so here come the freaky Supernatural fans in five . . four . . .three . . . two. . . ONE!

    (Just don’t y’all same one hundred SPN whackos wear yourselves out voting ten thousand times each. Remember, you gotta hydrate!)

    • daisy_bluebell

      omg thats so true in the spn fandom! its the same little number of people voting over and over and over.

      • missdaisy

        I love that you go straight to saying that only the Supernatural Fandom would do that! It’s funny and sad that you can’t seem to understand that it’s not just the Supernatural Fandom who is voting over and over.

        • Maria

          When you are voting and you see the percentage jump 3 percent in less than ten minutes, then yeah, it’s a given. It would take 1000 people voting at the same time. I’m not saying all fans are like this. Most of them of honest, but this kinda wrecks it for the rest of us, who are honestly voting. I have already filed a complaint, but, it will unfortunately be too late. If this person feels winnings at all costs is the right thing, then they can keep it. I know who I prefer, a a poll isn’t going to change that.

          • missdaisy

            You are just being a sore loser. Yes there was bot voting on all of the people or at least Jay and Jensen. I saw the votes for Jay spring up suspiciously fast so please just get off your high horse. These quizzes don’t really prove anything, it’s just a poll

          • Maria

            You’re assumption is incorrect, I and a group were voting for Ian not Jay. We saw the 1 percent for Ian and 2 for Jay go down in 10 minutes. Again not possible. So yeah, most fans are honest, but, the one botvoting is not

          • Guest

            Here’s to quote you “We kept voting for Jay” means you were voting over and over for one person, wow how hypocritical of you. Besides at the beginning Jay Ryan’s votes went up suspiciously fast. So before you go pointing your finger at another look at what your fandom is doing and ask yourself if their voting “honestly”

          • missdaisy

            Exactly, this poll isn’t going to change your mind. Get your panties out of a bunch and move on. You can’t stop other people from doing things that you don’t agree with, but complaining and pointing figures when things don’t go your way

        • Maria

          Funny, didn’t say which fandom it was. I just know that a group of us were voting for Ian and we manage to get his number up by 1 in half an hour. Then in 10 minutes, the 1 percent was gone and Jay was down by 2. After another 10. We managed to maintain it because of the group voting, but the other guy Jay lost 6 percent. Again, I say it not possible, I don’t care how many you are. And sorry, I didn’t mean to accuse the whole fandom, but one is not on the up and up, and I won’t even call that person a fan. It only takes that one and I don’t care which fandom they belong to.

          • missdaisy

            Well one you should notice that i wasn’t responding to your comment, but I guess you just have a guilty consequence. If you notice the the comment I replied to is actually a response to someone who goes outright and mentions the said fandom

    • Nicola Warner

      Oooh, people are getting really bitchy now because Jensen wins all these aren’t they!! lmao And for the record, Jensen is 36, hardly ‘pushing 40’ (though so what if he was!?) and he’s the hottest damn 36 year old I’ve ever seen!!! He’s getting hotter and more attractive with age, so crawl back to your hole where you came from and watch Jensen win yet another ‘sexiest’ poll!!!

  • LetyBlueSkies

    why isn’t jared or misha here? some of us would prefer jared or misha instead of HOMOPHOBE right winger jensen!!!!!! WHY ISN’T JARED AND MISHA HERE YAREAH????????????????????????

    • Guest

      and do you have proof, aka actual WORDS spoken by Jensen Ackles that he is a homophobe? nope. so therefore you have no right to say he’s against gays. when there are solid facts, come back to me. but in the meantime, don’t say things about people that you can’t be sure are true or not.

      • Cielo

        I dont think he ,Jensen, hates anybody, he seems like a nice guy.
        Voted for Jay though, Batbfan

    • Nicola Warner

      So… because Jensen doesn’t believe the character he has played for the last nine years is not gay, and he doesn’t play him that way, he’s homophobic!! You need to go and look at a dictionary luv!

  • Carolina GdlF

    Jay Ryan

  • pamwat

    I am not sure why they used this photo. Jensen is as sexy today (or even sexier) as he was in the photo. He has green not blue eyes. He and Ian are similar in age (Jensen is 9 months older). Supernatural fans are devoted and many. There are some who may be over the top but that is true of any fandom. Jensen is NOT a homophobe; he just doesn’t believe that Destiel or Wincest are part of the series and doesn’t want to keep fielding questions about these fantasies as though they are canon. He has made this respectfully clear at the Washington Con. Even Jared made a comment in support of this sentiment so I suppose you think he is a homophobe now. Misha is a flirt and will engage the shippers. They should not read any more into his flirtations because he is playing you. These shippers are too sensitive and yet they have been too forceful at conventions making non-shipping fans feel uncomfortable for the SPN cast members. Why would a true fan want to make their objects of affection feel pushed around at conventions, I’ll never understand.

    • Phaedra

      I don’t give a cr*ap about “shipping” or any of that other nonsense. As a lesbian, I DO care that Jensen is by his own admission a conservative Christian Republican, and that he refused to do a segment for the it gets better campaign. At the LA con a man tried to ask Jensen if he supported gay marriage and Jensen just grimaced and looked over at the moderator. The moderator scolded the guy for asking a unapproved question. Love Jensen all you want, but I am no longer gonna support anyone who doesn’t support my rights. I respect Jensen’s right to believe whatever he wants, but I will not follow or support his career anymore. Jared and Misha, though, is another story. LOVE them both. 🙂 And, honey, I don’t know what kind of old ass abacus computer you got going on in your house, by my Mac Air let me vote for Jay Ran ten times.

      • Rufino1981


        • Brenda07

          I know Jensen is a private person and asking him to support gay or straight people, and when he doesn’t comment, means you are actually assuming what he’s saying. I am not interested in another person sexuality and do not want to be asked about it…the reason is because I do not want to be involved in someones sex life. Asking someone who they prefer to have sex with is actually poking my nose IN their sex life. Please get a grip. Why does everyone care about Jensens opinion about people that are gay…isn’t this about why we love him and not about why we don’t…OMG. Keep your opinions about your sex life private…PLEASE.

      • pamwat

        None of this proves Jensen is a homophobe. None of us can say for a fact what he does and doesn’t believe. In the meantime this poll is about nothing more than who is deemed the sexiest. If you vote Jay Ryan for no other reason than to satisfy a vendetta against Jensen then you are a spiteful hypocrite…..honey.

        • Willow Greene

          No offense but u might want to look up the definition of the word hypocrite. All Phadra said was that she wasn’t going to support someone who didn’t support her rights. Even tho I voted for Jensen, it sure doesn’t look like he is much in favor of equality. I mean, come on! We all pretty much know that!! I’m not gay and I’m not a Republican, but I can see how someone who was gay would have a problem with him. It just seems sorta crazy that you would expect a lesbian to vote for Jensen. It seems even crazier that you would call her a hypocrite for voting for Jay Ryan. Anyway, Peace and prosperity. xxoo Willow Greene

          • pamwat

            Oh, I understand the word hypocrite quite well. First of all, she accuses Jensen of being against gay rights based on his being Christian and Republican. This is not proof. Jensen’s unwillingness to discuss sexuality questions at conventions is not proof of this either. She says she respects his right to believe whatever he wants but she does not show such respect when she judges him unfairly. To me this is hypocritical. If she truly respects his rights to whatever he may believe, she should not hold a grudge (especially based on circumstantial evidence). As for her being a lesbian, I don’t expect her to vote for any man on a sexiest man poll. She’s the one who admitted to voting for Jay Ryan. You’ll have to ask her why she did so. Peace and prosperity to you too.

          • Impala1992

            omg pam ur the kind of ‘its my way or the highway fan’ that makes our fandom look crazy!!!!! i love jensen too but nobody who really 100% supports gays is a rebublican!!!! i saw it w/ my own 2 eyes on the LA clerk site that hes a registered republican and has voted like that in every election. if that’s what he is, then you and me love him anyway. But not everyone will. he has the right to feel however he wants about stuff but others (gay people for example) have the right to disagree AND SAY THAT THEY DISAGREE W/ HIM! TBPH if i were gay i wouldn’t be cool with him either. ji would find somebody else to be a fan of. j ust give ur arguing a rest!!! stop arguing w/ the gay people here!!! it just makes us look bad.

          • pamwat

            No, you have me wrong. Anyone has the right to disagree with me or Jensen. You have missed the point, Jensen continues to be a target of hate based on misinformation. You are suggesting that I not speak my mind because there are gay people here. I’m sorry but it is you who are not giving them credit. They do not need your protection from crazy old me. Disclaimer: The SPN fandom will survive my comments and I will take sole responsibility for my own point of view. In the meantime, I will champion Jensen whenever and wherever I please.

      • Guest

        why can’t you just simply accept the fact that not all people are for the gays? gay this, gay that. it’s getting annoying. I’m frankly getting very tired of all the gays shoving their “rights” and what they believe down others’ throats and then they complain when somebody simply says that they’re Christian and they believe in God. The gay community needs to suck it up and this is the first time I’m letting my true feelings about this out because I have held it in for so long. Deal with Jensen’s beliefs, okay? and we’ll deal with yours. Jensen is still a good person just like any other person.

        • Mimi Andujar

          Wow, just wow. I only came here to vote, but your comment is so crazy I had to respond. So I guess you think that black people should have just “sucked it up” back in the 60s, when people used the bible to discriminate against them. And that women should have “sucked it up” too when it was used against them during the Equal Rights fight and also when women were fighting for suffrage. And when god and the bible were invoked to justify laws in the US against interracial marriage, I guess you think all those black and white couples should have just sucked it up too. Gosh, you, and everyone else like you here, are nothing but silly, silly, feckless people who don’t see anything other than looks! Jensen may be ok looking (Jay Ryan is MUCH better looking), but all the stuff I’ve read about him EVERYWHERE not liking gay people AND turning down the No Hate pictures and the It Gets Better Campaign, well that’s just too much. If you believe the same way he does then that’s fine. But for all you who support equality, it seems really sad to me that you would be a fan of someone who doesn’t support equality, just because they are good looking! That seems really shallow.

          • Lauren Saintanella

            good looks dont excuse bad behaviour and discrimination! and the automaatic voting software used by spn fans should be outlawed! this should be vote by login ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!

          • pamwat

            These accusations continue to be made without references. I have never read that Jensen has stated he does not support gay rights. It is not everywhere. Until you can produce credible evidence instead of rumors and opinions, I think you should stop bashing Jensen. You are discriminating against an actor who has known discrimination for some time. People have said hateful things about him, his wife and even his child. It’s disgraceful He doesn’t deserve this and he doesn’t owe us any justification for whatever his beliefs may be. It is not our business. His job is to act and entertain us….and that he does very well. If you enjoy Supernatural and the artful way that Jensen has brought Dean to life, why can’t you be appreciative. Stop perpetuating a smear campaign against this hardworking and talented man.

    • Rufino1981

      Misha congratulated SCOTUS on the _Windsor_ decision and Jared has expressed his support for the gay community many times. Jensen over the years has done nothing. He’s a registered Republican against gun control, women’s rights, immigration and gay marriage. If he is actually in favor of any of those things then he is registered with the wrong party.

      • Mimi Andujar


  • Deana Win

    Jensen is incredibly handsome, sexy and talented and now his fantastic charisma peaked. He’s more attractive with each passing year!

  • Tina

    Jensen has always been enchantingly beautiful, but now he is divinely beautiful and it is very natural. It looks very handsome and hot. more than young years. And his talent is more versatile. Jensen is as sexy today as he was in the photo.

    Jensen is NOT a homophobe!

    • Rufino1981

      Hello, Tina . . . So back in 1964 the United States passed the Civil Rights Act, a landmark piece of legislature that ended racial segregation in our schools, at the workplace, at the DMV, at hospitals and at the voting polls. After it went into effect, it became illegal to to treat black folks differently from white folks. No more “White Only” waiting rooms and restrooms; no more “White Only” schools, and no more stricter requirements for black people to get to the voting booth. So . . are you trying to say that the idiots who opposed those measures–the white people who actually WANTED to keep blacks out of their restrooms and schools–are you telling me that those white folks WEREN’T racist??? Because I got news for you: They were. And here’s some MORE news for you. The people who want to limit other people’s rights just because of the color of their skin or the gender of the person they love, those people are EVERY BIT as bad as those back in the 60s who fought so hard to keep their all white schools, bathrooms and waiting rooms. Prejudice and hate speech wrapped up in religion is still nothing but prejudice and hate speech.

      • Guest

        you realize she was just talking about Jensen’s looks, right…?

      • Webby

        ….That has nothing to do with her comment. At all.

      • Mimi Andujar

        Ruf is saying that you don’t have to tie up a gay person and drag them from your bumper to be homophobic. If you’re not supporting equality, no matter why, even if it’s because of your religion, you’re still homophobic. He’s saying that the people who wanted to keep segregation back in the day probably thought that they weren’t racist either but they were. If you’re not supporting equal rights for gay people then you’re guilty of homophobia, just like those people from the 60s were guilty of racism. Geesh, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the analogy Ruf1981 is making.

        • Tabitha Dowling

          I just screenshoted this comment as pure bigotry. “If you don’t agree, you’re homophobic.” Gays already have rights. They have too many rights and are treated at a higher standard allowed to commit sexual acts at pride parades in front of children. You are nothing, but an intolerant bigot.

          Homophobia is a fake word created by intolerant bigots to pretend like they won an argument. No one has an irrational fear of gays. Get over yourself.

      • Tabitha Dowling

        You must be a negroid because only negroids bring up the past. A black man created slavery in America. Desegregation sure pushed for negroid crimes in schools to get higher. Face it, your race is subhuman. We wouldn’t have the problems in schools today if it had stayed segregated.

        • SHough610

          Someone as intelligent as you think you are has clearly amassed quite a bit of person and professional success. So please, if you’re so much smarter than everybody: list some of those successes.

          • Tabitha Dowling

            My race speaks for itself. Can’t comprehend that the negroid race is nothing, but subhuman apes? List something positive the negroid race has done in history or an important invention perhaps? Maybe something they helped better the world with? I’ll wait. It’ll take time to find nothing.

          • SHough610

            The gas mask, R&B music, jazz music, potato chips, and the air conditioning unit.

            But it’s one thing to talk smack on another race but you won’t answer the question: what professional or academic achievements do YOU have? Gun to my head, I’m saying you have none. But I’m sure that you’ll blame someone else for that.

  • cristina gomes

    Why can not I vote for Ian?

    • Rinjany Khj

      Sure can…I just did it.Ian is not only sexy man more of that he is bright n brainy worth man a live.

  • sylvie grey

    Jay ryan il est somptueux

  • babra keller

    JAY RYAN §§

  • Cielo

    Good grief another one of these. They are all great looking and sexy. It’s a matter of preference. I love Jay Ryan’s eyes

  • bencosme

    those supernattty boys are such bad actors and the short one is too old looking. ian’s head is too small. Jay Ryan all de way!!

    • Cielo

      Okay, I love Jay too, he’s the whole package I mean lets face it those looks, humor and that voice melts that screen. But, lets not insult the other actors, we are better than that. Besides, this doesnt poll doesn’t have capshas, so we know sooner or later the botvoting is going to take place. It always happens. There’s always a couple fans out there that consider winning at any cost regardless how it makes their fandom or its fans look.

      • missdaisy

        Yea, let’s be completely honest here, their are crazies no ,matter what the fandom is, but for the most part the fans are normal. There will be bot voting on every single one of these men, bc there are people who want their “guy” to win, and have bad things to say about the other people choices. It’s all just preferences, stop hating on other people preferences. Just focus on which guy in your preference is the winner

        • Cielo

          Agree, By the way, I stopped voting today cause someone said they posted the winner elsewhere on the site 2 days ago. It was a one day poll but they left the poll open like Spoiler does. Didnt bother checking. Summer is short enough as it is, time to enjoy it

          • pamwat

            Can’t seem to find the results of this poll. Can you or anybody reference the results please? (if it exists)

          • Cielo

            I contacted them. Waiting for a response. These polls should not stay open forever and if they dont give an end date, then it’s like SpoilerTVpoll, it stays open forever. I dont mind voting couple of days, but its Summer and we all have better things to do. For me, just because another guy wins,doesn’t make it so in the mind of the person who voted for the other guy. I will post the response,when and if I hear from them. I read a FB posting that it closed, but again, no ref. Happy voting to all, it’s a beautiful day and I’m going to enjoy it. Season Finale ofBatB on Monday and super stoked for battle. BatB fan

          • pamwat

            I appreciate the response. By all means enjoy your day, I’m just hanging out until I go out to the movies.

          • Tina

            If it was a one-day poll, the defeated Jensen

          • Tina

            No, poll is not close!

            Yareah Magazine
            We will publish it on Yareah. Thanks for voting and thanks for coming. Have a nice day!

          • Tina

            Vote until July 9

    • Nicola Warner

      Oh you’re funny!!! They’re amazing actors, ESPECIALLY ‘the short old looking one’. How old are you? 14?? Jensen is 6ft 1″ (just looks short next to his co-star Jared who is 6ft 5″) and he’s 36 years old. If that’s ‘old’ to you, then as I suspected you’re some pre-pubescent teenager!!!

  • e@n

    Nothing against Ian but 100% love my Sexy Beast Jay Ryan rarrrrr!!

  • Оля Белякова

    Jay Ryan

  • Tina

    Jensen Ackles of couse!

  • arlene bax

    Jay Ryan of course!

  • Anna

    Voto Ian…il primo amore non si scorda mai! I love Ian forever!!! 😉

  • Tina

    Jensen and only Jensen!

  • smiley Batra

    Jensen Ackles Of Course..!!!

  • Aurel

    Jensen ackles is just so sexy even off screen with no actor make up . He’s georgous !

  • janice

    Beauty and the Beast is a awesome show

  • Kasey Hunt


  • Kasey Hunt

    And way to go on photo shopping Jensen’s eye color! They’re not blue whatsoever….they’re very green! #dumbass

  • Ângela Nogueira

    Ok, I just need to say this, to get this off my chest… I’ve been reading things about Jensen in Internet from the so called “fans” and I’m getting really frustrated. I don’t know if there’s people here who share the same opinion from those “fans” so here it goes:

    1º – Jensen is NOT homophobic. There’s no proof of that. Just because he doesn’t think that “Destiel” or “Wincester” are part of the show, or just because he doesn’t ship them, it doesn’t make him homophobic. And even if he was it wasn’t up to you to judge him. I have a relative who (sadly) is homophobic and believe me when I say this, Jensen is not! You have no idea how a homophobic reacts when people talk about homosexuality!!! So stop saying that… It’s getting really annoying…
    I ship “Destiel” and I still love Jensen unconditionally

    2º – Jensen isn’t old. Period. He’s 36! I keep hearing people saying that he isn’t attractive because he’s old. Guess what: Misha’s older and he’s still gorgeous! And let’s be honest, Jensen is just a piece of Heaven and he’s getting hotter by the years. Even when he gets 50 he will be good looking. God damn it, he’s one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen…

    3º – Jensen is an AMAZING actor! He does things that I don’t see other actors doing. He can touches us with is acting that is somehow…supernatural. I never cried so much for a character as I cry for Dean. Jensen is underrated, understand it for once. He deserves as many awards as any famous actor. He will have a solid career after Supernatural ends and we all know it! So stop saying he’s a horrible actor.

    4º – His voice isn’t false or ugly. He just makes it deeper within playing his character, he already explained it in a con (can’t remember which one). And the people who say that haven’t heard him sing yet, his voice is amazing!!!

    So, please, grow up and stop hating the man. He never did anything wrong to you and you don’t know him to judge him like you keep doing. He is an amazing person to his fans and he’s sweet, kind and nice. If you don’t like the guy, fine, don’t! It’s your opinion but for God’s sake stop coming up with stupid (and fake) things about him. You know it’s not true.
    I’m sorry but I had to do this… I am barely climbing in the walls

  • Nicola Warner

    Jensen by a country mile… then Ian, and then Jay or whatever his name is…

  • chriscross

    Jensen, of course.

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  • Isabel Del Río Yareah
  • Isabel Del Río Yareah
  • Isabel Del Río Yareah
  • ForeverSpn

    Jensen Ackles, The Great Man! Always & forever! Then Jay Ryan! Then after jared, Ian!

  • Maria


    • missdaisy

      MY god it’s just a online poll, nothing more. The truth is no matter who “wins” it doesn’t matter. Your opinion is not going to change, and others won’t either. Stop hating on others and just get on with your life. This poll means absolutely nothing. Unless you could get every single person in the world to vote once and only once, you won’t get an accurate reading on who should win. Also the preferences for who you find the sexiest has a lot to do with your age, it will probably change over the course of your life. You may find one of these men sexier now, but as you age your opinion of what constitutes a sexy man will change

    • Tina

      Do not say that you do not know, we called a multimillion SPN fandom to vote! Vote honestly, and not pour dirt on your idol and his fans. But you are behaving unworthily. Jay fans should learn to love her without offending others.

      • Maria

        My group was voting for Ian, so that you know. Our 1 percent went bye bye and we were still voting half hour into it when we noticed. Jay went down 2. In another 10 we managed to maintain the number but the other guy Jay went down another 4, so I don’t care how many you are, it’s not possible. And sorry if I came across as accusing the whole fandom. I know most fans are honest. It only takes one and I won’t even call them a fan.

        • missdaisy

          Yea, yet in the beginning Jay Ryan’s votes were going on way to quickly, so its it just because everyone in that fandom is voting once? No it’s because sadly there was bot voting going on since the beginning. Also “we” implies that you have been watching and voting over and over. Hypocrite much?

    • Tina

      And when the fans are increasing rapidly Jay porotsenty and win it honestly, and when Jensen fans, which for many many more do you win Jensen talking about dishonesty. LOL! Grow up and learn to respect other people’s idols, do not spray the mud then they can be and you will learn how to win or lose with dignity

      • missdaisy

        They’re just being hypocrites because they couldn’t win even when being dishonest of how many votes that they were providing for their choices themselves

    • Impala1992

      The voting program that I use only clears the cache. I still have to vote manually but the program lets me do it faster. B/C I am voting myself it isn’t cheating! A friend I met at the SD con had a different algorithm that did the voting too. You could set it to how ever many votes an hour you wanted. You have to be careful b/c if to many votes show up the webmaster knows. JENSEN ACKLES = SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!! SUCK IT RYAN B*TCHES!!!!

  • Lea Connor

    I’ve only met Jensen out of these three in real life. He is good looking and a lovely man to talk to.

  • Isabel Del Río Yareah

    Fans of Jensen Ackles are Top#1. Yareah poll ends tomorrow. Ryan and Somerhalder can still win http://www.yareah.com/2014/07/08/fans-jensen-ackles-top1-yareah-poll-ends-tomorrow-jay-ryan-ian-somelhader-can-still-win/

  • Laney B.

    Dumbest “poll” ever. There is no log in required so the automatic voting programs will win. The “winner” of this poll gets what? An Amana Radar Range and a lifetime supply of Rice-A-Roni? Why don’t you thrown in a People’s Choice Award while you’re at it. They’re both equally useless. Bottom line is that this site is just trying to generate hits and it knows that cray-cray SPN fans will bring out their voting bots and make it look like tens of thousands voted. I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR WHEN SPN GOES OFF!! In a year or two, no one will even remember Jensen’s name, but Jay Ryan (who can actually act) will still be around.

  • Impala1992

    Maria, The voting program that I use only clears the cache. I still have to vote manually but the program lets me do it faster. B/C I am voting myself it isn’t cheating! A friend I met at the SD con had a different algorithm that did the voting too. You could set it to how ever many votes an hour you wanted. You have to be careful b/c if to many votes show up the webmaster knows. JENSEN ACKLES = SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!!

  • Dustin Brevil

    this sight is just using the fandoms for hits to its sight. that’s why they extended the poll. the more hits a sight has the more $$$$ it can charge advertisers. lame.

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