Electric Landscape: Ley Lines, Vile Vortices by Cecelia Chapman

Electric Landscape: Ley Lines, Vile Vortices by Cecelia Chapman
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Electric Landscape: Ley Lines, Vile Vortices by Cecelia Chapman.

The Facts:

1921, Alfred Watkins identifies ancient trackways in the British landscape as ‘ley lines’, line-of-sight navigation used during neolithic times that had persisted in the landscape over millennia.

They are ‘Heilige Linien’ to the Germans, ‘Fairy paths’ to the Irish, ‘Dragon Lines’ to the Chinese, ‘Spirit Lines’ to Peruvians and ‘Song Paths’ to the Australian Aborigines etc…around the world.

Ley lines became associated with spiritual and mystical theories about alignments of land forms, drawing on the Chinese concept of feng shui.

After the second world war Dr. Ernst Hartmann described a net consisting of naturally occurring charged lines, usually positively and negatively charged. It is the intersections that are seen to be a source of potential problems according to the doctor.

1983, The hexakis icosahedron grid, coordinate calculations, and point classification system are the original research of Bethe Hagens and William S. Becker.

Vortex sites is a term referring to twelve geographic areas alleged by Ivan Sanderson to have been the sites of mysterious disappearances, he asserts that twelve “vortices” are situated along particular lines of latitude.

Curry lines are a global grid network of electrically charged lines of natural origin first discovered by Dr. Manfred Curry and Dr. Wittmann. There is some disagreement between authorities as to how wide apart these lines are, but the lines themselves are not seen as a problem, only the points where they cross.

Cecelia Chapman artwork:

From Yesterday to Tomorrow. According to map researchers the Giza Plateau, the location of the great pyramid is the most powerful vortex point on the planet, and the King’s Chamber within the Great Pyramid represents a narrow gateway to stars.

Electric Landscape: Ley Lines, Vile Vortices by Cecelia Chapman

From Yesterday to Tomorrow by Cecelia Chapman

No Clues pages. Unfortunately the Indian Ocean is surrounded by vile vortices where things routinely go missing. The most northern Devils Triangle off Japan is so notorious Japan has formally declared it off limits to shipping and aviation.

Electric Landscape: Ley Lines, Vile Vortices by Cecelia Chapman

Indian Ocean by Cecelia Chapman

Mystik Mountain. The dead(?) volcano, Mt. Shasta, is the birthplace of the world, just a few hours drive from my home in Northern California. It is one of the seven sacred mountains on the planet and all purpose site for visiting great masters, ufo’s, lemurians, grizzlies, shamans, highly charged vortices, ley lines and portals to other worlds, times and treasures.

Electric Landscape: Ley Lines, Vile Vortices by Cecelia Chapman

Mystic Mountain by Cecelia Chapman

Dark Star: Death Match Rules. The Mali region, second most dangerous place on earth, is in it’s own vile vortex. Northern Mali has gold and salt mines, an outbreak of Ebola, the Timbuctu library and a Tuareg rebellion during which 14th century manuscripts burned, and the door to the end of the world ( never to be opened ever ) was broken down. Southern Mali Dogon tribe celestial knowledge staggers NASA, Dogons have for centuries claimed they and their religion came from the dark star circling Sirius that was recently discovered.

Electric Landscape: Ley Lines, Vile Vortices by Cecelia Chapman

Dark Star by Cecelia Chapman

Like Time Tears The Clothes. What happened to Mohenjo Daro? (hill of the dead) The expertly planned 4500 year old city of five million people was uncovered in 1856. At it’s epicenter, about 50 yards wide, everything was crystallized, fused or melted. Davenport, who published findings in the 1979 book, Atomic Destruction in 2000 B.C., declared Mohenjo Daro corresponds exactly to Nagasaki. The Rigveda says: “devastate the strong ones like time tears the clothes.”

Electric Landscape: Ley Lines, Vile Vortices by Cecelia Chapman

Like Time Tears The Clothes by Cecelia Chapman

Dragon Lines. Chinese and British landscapes are inhabited by dragons, everyone knows that.

Electric Landscape: Ley Lines, Vile Vortices by Cecelia Chapman

Dragon Lines by Cecelia Chapman

Cecelia Chapman website:

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