Princess Letizia of Spain likes Jewelry designer Arabel Lebrusan. Hot 100 winner!

Princess Letizia of Spain likes Jewelry designer Arabel Lebrusan. Hot 100 winner!
Ignacio Zara

I love Princess Letizia of Asturias style. Not only is she an elegant princess but a former clever journalist greatly concerned with humanitarian and environmental issues of our time.

Then, when I heard that Princess Letizia likes Arabel Lebrusan jewelry, I was not surprise at all.

Arabel Lebrusan is much more than a jewelry designer. She is an artist who seeks to create a work of art on each piece of jewelry and also, and perhaps more important, a person concerned with the environment and sustainability.

The result is magnificent pieces, mirrors of femininity and delicacy but also, pieces created with attention to detail and using ethical materials.

Of course, in her pieces, the designer uses mainly gold and silver, two materials whose extraction has serious environmental problems in factories poorly prepared.

To not be a part, even indirectly, from this dangerous production, Arabel Lebrusan jewels are manufactured from recycled gold and silver. Thus, she supports mining sustainable and fair trade.

Furthermore, her extensive background in the design and manufacture, allows her to explore fresh interpretations of traditional techniques, like filigree, in contemporary ways, bringing this vintage look to the modern woman

Previously as Creative Director of Leblas jewellery, the first Ethical Jewellery Boutique in the famous Sloane street, London; and now under her own name, she is commercializing these already iconic pieces which are worn by the likes of Princess Letizia of Spain and Sienna and Savannah Miller. Great!

Video: Award-winning jewellery designer, Arabel Lebrusan, has upgraded the brand’s online presence with a series of new images by acclaimed fashion photographer AKIO.

Taking inspiration from Lebrusan’s Spanish heritage, with a hint of Julio Romero de Torres’ paintings, these beautiful and bold images successfully reflect the true essence of the brand, being simultaneously feminine and strong, thoroughly modern but with a vintage twist.


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Ignacio Zara

Assistant Managing Editor at Yareah® Magazine

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