Extraterrestrial life. A Jupiter Satellite has a Huge Ocean of Liquid Water

Extraterrestrial life. A Jupiter Satellite has a Huge Ocean of Liquid Water
Ignacio Zara

Extraterrestrial life. NASA seems determined to send a mission to Europe, the captivating satellite of Jupiter that has a huge ocean of liquid water and is, therefore, one of the strongest candidates in the Solar System to have extraterrestrial life.

Extraterrestrial life. A Jupiter Satellite has a Huge Ocean of Liquid Water

Jupiter and its Moons. Photo NASA

To do this, NASA has just published a Request for Information (Request for Information, or RFI) aimed at scientists and engineers to contribute their ideas. It’s about finding the best (and less cost) ideas which can guarantee the mission.

The cost of the mission must be less than one billion dollars, a figure that does not include the rocket launcher.

“This is an opportunity to listen to all these creative teams who have ideas on how we can achieve the best for the least cost,” said John Grunsfeld, NASA Administrator.

Scientists have already shown that there is an ocean of liquid water beneath Europa’s icy surface. An ocean covering the satellite completely. It contains more water than all the oceans of the Earth together.

Once again, Extraterrestrial life is not only a dream but an interesting area of study.

A mission to Europe is one of the highest scientific priorities and a great opportunity to discover extraterrestrial life.

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“For many centuries, humans have speculated that there might be planetary systems around other stars and that there could be extraterrestrial life there and even intelligent being. However, those were simply speculations, and now we have evidence for the first part of these ideas.” George Smoot.

** Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the biggest planet in the Solar System. It has 67 satellites, and 51 are less than 10 kms in diameter and have only been discovered since 1975. The four largest moons known as the Galilean moons, are Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.


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  • Bob

    “NASA seems determined to send a mission to Europe”
    I didn’t know Europe was a satellite of Jupiter.
    Jeez I wish you guys would spell check.

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