Extraterrestrial Life. An Orchard in Mars for Future Pilgrims!!!

Extraterrestrial Life. An Orchard in Mars for Future Pilgrims!!!
Ignacio Zara

Extraterrestrial Life. Plants can grow on Mars? NASA wants to create an orchard for future settlers in the Red Planet. An orchard so they can survive. Do you figure out?


With this goal in mind, a group of researchers has proposed to include a plant growth experiment in the next rover that NASA will send to Mars, which is scheduled for release in mid-2020 and will land on Mars in early 2021. The project is called Mars Plant Experiment (MPX). Wooow!

The seeds will grow in a transparent box with air of Earth. The box will have about 200 seeds of Arabidopsis, a small flowering plant that is commonly used in scientific research.

The seeds will receive water when rover landed on Mars, and they will leave them to grow for approximately two weeks. “In 15 days, we will have a little greenhouse on Mars,” researcher Heather Smith, from Ames Research Center of NASA, said during 2 Mars Humans conference in Washington.

This experiment will set the stage for future on a sustainable basis. In addition to its potential scientific benefits, MPX will provide humanity a historic moment. “It would be the first multicellular organism to grow, live and die on another planet, ‘ Smith said.

Once again, extraterrestrial life is not a dream. If we can do this, why to think is it so difficult to find other planets with life.

Perhaps in the near future, the aliens will be the children of our pilgrims!

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“Most visions of extraterrestrial life are actually steeped in human hubris. The fictional extraterrestrials of ‘Star Trek’ or a hundred other space operas are less alien than many of my neighbors. And funny, the ones running the place are mostly WASPish men.” By Nathan Myhrvold.


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