Extraterrestrial Life. NASA finds a planet similar to The Earth

Extraterrestrial Life. NASA finds a planet similar to The Earth
Ignacio Zara

Extraterrestrial life. The telescope ‘Kepler’ of NASA detects a rocky planet outside our solar system very similar to The Earth and located in the habitable zone of its star size.

Extraterrestrial Life. NASA finds a planet similar to The Earth

Stars. Photo by George Hodan

In the past 20 years, scientists have confirmed the existence of approximately 1,800 exoplanets (celestial objects outside our solar system), and about 20 are in the so-called habitable zone of its star.

Most of these planets have been detected using the NASA Kepler telescope, which was launched in March 2009. This week, a team of astrophysicists from NASA announced the detection of an extrasolar planet with a very similar size and conditions to our Earth. They called it Kepler-186f.

They believe that it is a rocky planet like ours. Also found in the habitable zone of its star, and may lodge liquid water and therefore some form of life.

Anyway, Kepler-186f orbits a red dwarf star, Kepler-186, colder and smaller than the Sun. NASA researcher Elisa Quintana, lead author of the study published in the magazine Science, said to be a very common type of star, “Over 70% of the hundreds of billions of stars in our galaxy are M-type dwarfs “

The planetary system of the red dwarf, located at a distance of 490 light years from Earth, is composed of at least five planets. Kepler-186f is the last discovered and it is the farthest from the star.

To characterize the planet Kepler-186f, they have used the Gemini and Keck observatories and very complex techniques.

Unfortunately, Elisa Quintana believes that the light of the Kepler-186 is too faint to detail the composition its atmosphere, even with the next generation of telescopes such as the James Webb, who will be released in 2018.

Enjoy your day, Yareah friends. The possibility of extraterrestrial life keeps on open.

Great weekend!

“I don’t believe in a conspiracy to hide the existence of extraterrestrial life.” David Duchovny.

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