Interview with HBO Ring Card Girl for the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley Fight

Interview with HBO Ring Card Girl for the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley Fight
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Rachel Boxing at Cut Gut Obstacle Course at Venice Beach. (PRNewsFoto/Zero Calories)

Rachel Boxing at Cut Gut Obstacle Course at Venice Beach. (PRNewsFoto/Zero Calories)

LOS ANGELES, April 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The only thing that could possibly be more exciting than being at the Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight, coming exclusively to HBO April 12th, is being in the ring. You may think that honor is only available to the fighters themselves, but do not forget about the gorgeous card girls who make the time between rounds just as exciting as the fight itself.

Rachel McDonough is an HBO Ring Card Girl and she is so excited to be a part of this welterweight event. We had the amazing opportunity to talk to one of these lucky ladies who will be participating at the pay per view event.

Question 1. Do you have a special diet before boxing matches so you can look your best? If so, what?

Rachel: The day before the fight I just don’t have carbs so I don’t bloat, lots of protein though.

Question 2. What are the two most important body parts you focus on at the gym, in order to be a good ring girl?

Rachel: My abs and butt! I like to work on my shoulders though to every time so you get that shape and don’t look like a pear!

Question 3. Do you use boxing as a form of exercise? If so, how often?

Rachel: No I mess around on them a little at the gym sometimes but the closest I got to boxing was kickboxing I took classes for a year. It was a lot of fun!

Question 4. If you could be any boxer who would you be?

Rachel: Muhammad Ali

Question 5. Do you ever get nervous being in a ring girl in front of thousands of people?

Rachel: Not really, sometimes I may get a few butterflies but I grew up on a stage from dancing.

Question 6. What was the most exciting fight you experienced?

Rachel: Pacquiao vs Marquez 4

Question 7. What is your favorite Cut Gut Exercise Belt design?

Rachel: The leopard design it is super cute!!

Rachel has been using the Cut Gut Exercise Belt to not only help her look her best for huge events like the upcoming match, but to just generally keep her body in amazing shape. To view Rachel’s obstacle course performance video go to:

About Cut Gut

The Cut Gut Exercise Belt offers super strong support during intense workouts, as well as great abdominal shaping compression. The Cut Gut Exercise belt designed by Zero Calories ( based inCalifornia, is based on state of the art thermal energy technology to ensure the most is gained from every workout.

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Ring Girl Rachel McDonough. (PRNewsFoto/Zero Calories)

Ring Girl Rachel McDonough. (PRNewsFoto/Zero Calories)

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