HPI Launches Lie Detector

HPI Launches Lie Detector
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HPI introduces military grade Lie Detector functionality to the HPI Check App for added protection

HPI Check App Lie Detector Function

HPI Check App Lie Detector Function

HPI, provider of the has today launched a new military grade lie detector function to the HPI Check App. The service which draws on expertise from signal processing, voice biometrics, speech coding and pattern matching gives buyers the ability to reliably determine when a car seller is knowingly trying to deceive them.

All too often, buyers have a hard time walking away from a bargain, especially if the private seller lays on the charm or emotion gets in the way. The danger is that innocent buyers are duped out of their hard earned cash, when it turns out the car isn’t everything they were promised. To combat the issue of dishonest private sellers, HPI has introduced this revolutionary new way to get to the truth with its enhancement to the HPI Check App.

Available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play, the HPI Check App, now includes a Lie Detector, as well as the core vehicle check service. Now, buyers on the move can use their phone to check whether a person selling privately is stretching the truth about that dream buy.

“Until now it has been almost impossible to tell whether a person is lying, unless you really study their body language and even then it’s tricky,” explains Senior Consumer Services Manager, Shane Teskey. “Our Lie Detector comes as part of the HPI Check App and uses the phone’s microphone to capture the sellers vocal imprint before analysing it in real-time. For ease of use the app includes a visual ‘lie graph’ as well as employing an audible ‘whisper’ alert when the possibility of a lie exceeds a probability of 92%.

“When someone is lying, people often get a feeling, but may ignore it. Now car buyers can actually put private sellers to the test, removing worries of gullibility and saving them from throwing money away on a nightmare on wheels. Obviously, this is designed specifically for used car buyers and not for other uses but we are confident the app would work in a similar way. Of course, we still recommend that consumers conduct a full HPI Check to ensure the vehicle doesn’t have a hidden history which the seller might not even be aware of. The Lie Detector is just another level of protection, designed to help motorists trust their instinct and buy with confidence.”

For just £16.99, the HPI App offers consumers the best defence against all the dangers of used car buying, informing them if a vehicle has any outstanding finance, is recorded as stolen, has previously been written off, or has a mileage discrepancy*. 1 in 3 vehicles checked by HPI has a hidden history, making it crucial the buyers don’t take chances and use the App to check a vehicle before purchase. And now buyers can put sellers to the test with the lie detector feature – an added layer of security.

“The upgraded HPI Check App is the best way to avoid being taken for a ride by crafty private sellers, offering the HPI Check and Lie Detector online at With an instant snapshot of a vehicle’s history and a new insight into the seller, buyers are armed with all the information they need to make an informed decision.”

How to Spot a ‘Lying’ Private Used Car Seller

1. Look for nose touching and mouth covering

2. Watch when the person nods. If the head is nodding or shaking in contrast to what is being said, this can be a tell-tale sign that they are lying.

3. Beware of constant fidgeting.

4. Observe the level of mirroring.

5. Watch the person’s throat for excessive swallowing, throat clearing or gulping.

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