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Home decor. Your home should reflect your personality

Home decor. Your home should reflect your personality
Isabel del Rio

Home decor. Your home must reflect your personality, because you will feel more comfortable and happier, which also means healthier. Today, some ideas.

Start choosing colors. Choose three colors that you love and combine them in your rooms (more than three would be really Pop). Is your furniture the wrong color? Paint it! A great center for your table or a poster with your favorite colors could also serve if they are the focus of the room.

Home decor

Home decor (1). Photo by Claudette Gallant

You need an artistic piece. Even if you aren’t rich, get a piece of art or crafts that you like it (ceramics, sculpture, painting…) and that makes you feel good when you see it.

Your home should smell good. Ventilate the house and select an air freshener that reflects your personality (lavender, pine, roses …). You have to feel identified with where you live.

Create a special place to rest. A comfortable armchair is very important. You’ve worked hard and now you need to rest!

Home decor. Your home should reflect your personality

Home decor (2). Photo by Donna McNeely

Keep the order. Do not skimp on shelves. You can buy them very cheap and you need space to organize documents, clothes, shoes, pots and pans, and other objects.

If your budget is not very high, there are clever ideas to personalize the objects. Lining your books with paper or fabric you like it, including photos among the boxes, or artistic candles.

Home decor. Your home should reflect your personality

Home decor (3). Photo by MALIZ ONG

Plants and flowers are important. Even if your home is little or dark, you need a natural touch near you. There are plants that are adapted to all situations, and the dried flowers are also beautiful. Otherwise, a basket of apples can be pretty.

You need silence. If you hear outside noises, a cheap solution is to line the walls of cork and put double window.

Don’t forget the mirrors. The mirrors multiply the light and expand space.

(1) Too many colors for my taste, but this room reflects a strong personality, modern and full of force. Anyway, I would change the blue curtain with a curtain in ocher.

(2) I love the green effect, it seems you are sleeping in the nature. The orange pad will capture all eyes. Superb!

(3) My choice. Original pieces of furniture and perfect combination of colors.

Enjoy your day, Yareah friends. Art is everywhere and up to you!

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Isabel del Rio

Managing Editor at Yareah® Magazine. Author of ‘Ariza’ (2008) and ‘The Girls of Oil’ (2010)

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