Hell on Wheels TV series. Top moments until now

Hell on Wheels TV series. Top moments until now
Isabel del Rio

Hell on Wheels season 4 is about to start filming. Maybe is a good moment to remember previous top moments.

Season 1: Created and produced by Joe and Tony Gayton, season 1 of the AMC TV series Hell on Wheels premiered on November 6, 2011 and finished on January 15, 2012.

Of course, the very beginning of season 1 was impressive. A former soldier of the American Civil War goes to confession and the priest shoots him in the face. Of course, the killer is not a priest but a handsome Southern man, with an air of old Spanish gentleman. He leaves the church, the gentleman is Cullen Bohannon… Yes, a great start because you love his appearance but you ask about his personality. Who is this man? Which is his secret?

hell on wheels

Hell on Wheels TV series. Cullen Bohannon

Afterwards, I think is fantastic the image of Lily Bell, the beautiful female lead in the season 1, contemplating the vast prairies of America. Her sick husband asks what is she looking: So much beauty! In fact, this is perfect to understand the TV series. It’s a first contradiction (and Hell on Wheels is based on contradictions), because train brings the progress, but how will smoke, iron and modernity modify this landscape? How about Cheyenne natives?

Precisely, my third top moment would be when Cheyenne natives killed Robert, Lily Bell husband, and she fights bravely to survive. She is the blond heroine, a suitable couple for Cullen Bohannon. But life is hard in Hell on Wheels, the settlement that accompanied the construction of First Transcontinental Railroad.

Hell on Wheels. Lily Bell

Hell on Wheels. Lily Bell

Cullen Bohannon is working on the Union Pacific and supervises a crew of former slaves, which includes Elam Ferguson, his future friend and alter-ego. There are some protests and railroad foreman Daniel Johnson reacts brutally, breaking the jaw of a worker. The tension increases and more, because Daniel Johnson knows the killers of Cullen Bohannon wife and son. Bohannon is looking for revenge, the old Southern gentleman.

I also like when you see Eva first, the tattooed woman by the Indians, another heroine.

hell on wheels season 4

Heel on Wheels TV series. Lily Bell and Mr Durant

Season 2. Premiered on August 12, 2012:

The season starts with Cullen Bohannon robbing trains, one of which is guarded by Elam Ferguson, who has been promoted while Sioux nation has declared the war to the Union Pacific, and to his owner Mr. Durant. Lily Bell is now the couple of Mr. Durant although she is in love with Cullen Bohannon. Other important characters, The Swede and Reverend Cole, are aiding the Sioux in their war with the railroad. Finally, Mr. Durant is seriously injured and goes to Chicago. He returns to Hell on Wheels with his wife Hannah and Lily Bell is concerned about her future with the railroad… In my opinion, everything is preparing the epic, tragic but fantastic end, when Sioux attack and destroy the town.

Cullen Bohannon and Elam Ferguson are heroes, but Lily Bell is killed by the mad Swede… It’s the great moment, when Cullen finds Lily and carries her to the church among Hell on Wheels ashes and survivors. John Ford could have filmed this final. Superb!

In the church, another great heroine is waiting, Ruth, a woman-priest of great character.


Hell on Wheels TV series. Cullen Bohannon

Season 3:

The third season of the AMC TV series Hell on Wheels aired from August 10 and concluded on October 5, 2013. Cullen Bohannon abandons seeking revenge for the deaths in his family in order to continue to drive the westward expansion of Union Pacific Railroad. Mr. Durant is in prison for corruption.

The beginning is also spectacular. Cullen Bohannon is the new boss of the Union Pacific but all is destruction. Wolves and snow and he is alone. Everybody has fled and he lives in a nightmare. In a moment, he reacts. He gets the pipe of a dead man and lit it… Smoke … The train is back. What a moment!

Yes, Hell on Wheels is about to return. We’ll see what a great moments they are preparing.

Enjoy your day, Yareah friends. Art is everywhere and up to you!

Hell on Wheels. Elam Fergunson

Hell on Wheels. Elam Ferguson

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Isabel del Rio

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