Mickey Mouse rocks! I’ll be right beside you, because we’re friends

Mickey Mouse rocks! I’ll be right beside you, because we’re friends
Ignacio Zara

Mickey Mouse is my Disney favorite character. So brave, funny, friendly… ‘I’ll be right beside you, because we’re friends.’ This is Mickey main idea. Don’t you love him? Today, some unforgettable moments of Mickey and his friends. Donald Duck and Goofy.

Enjoy your day, Yareah friends. Art is everywhere and up to you! Be friendly, because spring has returned and everybody is smiling! How about you?

Mickey and The Magic Beans (1947).

Mickey Mouse: But Donald! These are not ordinary beans! They’re magic beans! If you plant these beans in the light of a full moon, do you know what’ll happen?

Donald Duck: Yes! We get more beans!

mickey mouse

Mickey Mouse Club House Birthday Cake. Photo attribution Grace Tari

Disney Sing-Along-Songs: Disneyland Fun (1990).

Mickey Mouse: (Standing with the other costumed characters at the entrance) Good morning, everybody! Welcome to the Magic Kingdom of Disneyland.

Mickey Mouse: (when the park is closing) Bye! So long. So long, everybody. Come back real soon!

Lonesome Ghosts (1937).

Ghost: (On phone) Do you chase ghosts?

Goofy: Do we chase ghosts?

Mickey Mouse: Yes, ma’am… Yes, sir! I’ll say we do!

Ghost: Well, this house is full of ghosts. Listen. (The ghosts take turns doing spooky laughs through the phone.) Come quick. The old McShiver mansion.

Mickey Mouse: We’ll be right over. Oh, boy! A customer!

Donald Duck: A customer!

Goofy: A customer?

Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip (1940).

Pete: So, it’s you?

Mickey Mouse: Yes. It’s me, I guess.

Pete: All alone, without your dog.

Mickey Mouse: Yes, all alone.

Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers (2004).

Mickey Mouse: Pete’s trying to kidnap the princess?

Donald Duck: Exactly.

Mickey Mouse: But, he made us musketeers.

Donald Duck: It was all a lie.

Mickey Mouse: Lie? Well, lie or no lie. Musketeers don’t run from danger, and as long as we wear these uniforms, neither do we?

Donald Duck: You said it! It’s every duck for himself!

Mickey Mouse: Donald, wait! Together, we can stop Captain Pete. Remember how we rescued the princess?

Donald Duck: I, um… I was hiding.

Mickey Mouse: Hiding? Well, tonight you came back to warn us, and that took courage Donald.

Mickey Mouse: Come on, I’ll be right beside you, because we’re friends.

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Ignacio Zara

Assistant Managing Editor at Yareah® Magazine

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