Say ‘No’ to dermatitis and skin complaints with chemical free Cheeky Baby Wipes

Say ‘No’ to dermatitis and skin complaints with chemical free Cheeky Baby Wipes
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Cheeky Wipes chemical free baby wipes

Cheeky Wipes chemical free baby wipes

Cheeky Wipes – the original, chemical free washable cloth baby wipes kit today responded to the recent letter published to the Medical Journal of Australia, regarding the rise in contact dermatitis cases caused by methylisothiazolinone, a common ingredient in many baby wipes and make up removal wipes.
Cheeky Wipes aren’t a miracle cure for dermatitis and eczema, they just don’t contain the chemicals that cause irritation.
“As a life long sufferer of eczema and contact dermatitis, I find many disposable wipes products damaging to my skin, which is why I originally designed the Cheeky Wipes kit” states Helen Rankin, MD of Cheeky Wipes. “Switching to Cheeky Wipes which use just 99.8% water and a few drops of essential oil is the most natural way to gently cleanse your baby, they can even be used with just water during the first 6 weeks of your baby’s life”, continued Kylie Jooste, director of Cheeky Wipes Australia who have been selling their original baby wipes all-in-one kit directly to Australian parents since January 2012.

Cheeky Wipes are the smart choice for both disposable or cloth nappy users. They aren’t only better for your baby, but better for the environment too – and will save parents money on the high cost of disposable baby wipes. And in today’s uncertain economic climate they’re a real money saver over conventional disposable wipes.

Cheeky Baby Wipes Kit contains:

25 – Lovely soft cloth baby wipes (cotton terry towelling, supersoft cotton & velour or bamboo)
1 – Easy-opening fresh baby wipes container
1 – Easy-opening mucky baby wipes container — with mesh wash bag insert
1 – Fresh baby wipes waterproof out and about travel bag
1 – Mucky baby wipes waterproof out and about travel bag – with mesh wash bag insert
1 – 10 ml bottle of lavender & chamomile essential oil
1 – 10 ml bottle of tea tree & tea tree lemon essential oil

“Cheeky Baby Wipes are a moist, fragrant and convenient alternative to disposable baby wipes for both cloth and disposable nappy users.” states Ms. Rankin. “Cheeky Wipes are easy to use and can be cleaned in your normal wash load, so hassle free too.”

To learn more about Cheeky Wipes – the original washable baby wipes kit:
Visit: Cheeky Wipes or Cheeky Wipes Australia
Contact: Helen Rankin
Phone: +447884115149

About Cheeky Wipes: Cheeky Wipes was founded in September 2008 and is headquartered in Seaford, East Sussex. The Company designs, markets and sells the world’s first natural, cloth baby wipes “all-in-one” system. The Cheeky Wipes All-In-One Kit boasts the unique and practical combination of being better for baby, the environment and money-saving. The Cheeky Wipes All-In-One Kit’s individual kit products are also sold separately. Cheeky Wipes products are available on the company website and through resellers and affiliates around the globe.

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  • Jess

    I have them and I love them! The bamboo wipes are incredibly soft and thanks to a combination of Cheeky Baby Wipes and cloth nappies we’ve not had even a hint of irritation on baby’s tender skin

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