Litecoin & Dogecoin ASIC Mining!

Litecoin & Dogecoin ASIC Mining!
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Litecoin & Dogecoin ASIC Mining!. Viper ASIC Miner

Litecoin & Dogecoin ASIC Mining!. Viper ASIC Miner

Last month we saw Alpha Technology put the first Litecoin (Scrypt) ASIC Miner’s up for sale, unsurprisingly selling out in mere days. Since then we have been watching Alpha Technology’s progress very closely and despite early reservations, as is usually the case in this industry, we can now report their development has progressed wonderfully. As such it seems the demand for these devices is high, we have even spotted early customers selling their pre-orders on eBay for double their original price.


From constant developmental updates to releasing a full roadmap and timeline of their progress, not to mention the introduction of their forum, the regular community contact has been admirable, something we have yet to see from the bigger players in the Bitcoin world. Some may say their disclosing too much information which competitors could copy, but from what we have gathered on their forums it seems they are very confident with their progress and are too far ahead for the competition to catch up anyway. This may be attributed to it’s Scrypt algorithm, as unlike the much more trivial Bitcoin algorithm SHA256 where ASIC’s can be developed much easier, we expect Litecoin (Scrypt) ASIC’s to roll out much slower as the cost and complexity of designing and fabricating these chips are higher.


Perhaps the most surprising thing I have found about Alpha Technology is how transparent they have been, granted this is to be expected from a new company however even after the success of their first batch they have not ceased to respond to any concerns and questions raised on their forum and the amount of information they have released about themselves to reassure customers is to be commended. A simple visit to their website will reveal the full names and background of their management and the addresses of their establishments, along with contact information. Their partnerDexcel Designs have over 13 years of experience in this industry and have worked with the likes of Intel, Altera and Texas Instruments thus providing us with more confidence in this project.


The good news for you miners out there is that according to their developmental progress and timeline they are on track to ship in July, we expect significant news as we approach the biggest milestone of their development, which is the March fabrication of their chips. There have also been hints from Alpha Technology that very soon cancelled orders will be allowed to be retaken, so stay tuned as these will likely be taken up quickly, we will keep you informed on this and hopefully you will get to be a part of their first batch!

You can follow Alpha Technology on Twitter, subscribe to their Newsletter and visit their website and forums to keep informed of their progress.

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