Jyllands Park Zoo wants to kill another giraffe. Horror returns!!!

Jyllands Park Zoo wants to kill another giraffe. Horror returns!!!
Isabel del Rio


Giraffa camelopardalis. Photo attribution Luca Galuzzi –

Jyllands Park Zoo. Some days ago, we were horrified seeing a nice giraffe, called Marius, killed in the zoo of Copenhagen in Denmark. Shouldn’t zoos care for animals? Now, it seems that the horror returns!

According to American newspaper “The Guardian”, Jyllands Park Zoo (west of the country) opines that this new nice giraffe, a female seven years old, is not suitable for breeding and must be sacrificed like its predecessor, despite being young and healthy. What’s that? What do you think? Does it make any sense?


The Gathering of Manna. Old paintings

Remember that Marius (two years old) was killed in the zoo of Copenhagen by a shot gun bolt, because a lethal injection could have contaminated its flesh, and its remains were used not only for research but also to feed the zoo carnivores.

Marius was skinned in the presence of dozens of children visiting the zoo. And of course, images caused the outrage of thousands of people (I prefer to skip pictures out of respect for Marius) and also Russian bloggers, who have today protested in front of the Danish Embassy in Moscow. They also denounce the indifference of the Danish authorities to another “manifestation of cruelty” in Denmark: the traditional slaughter of dolphins of the Danish Faroe Islands.

The direction of the zoo has argued that Marius should be sacrificed because the goal is to ensure the best genes for future generations.

“We believe that the attitude towards animals is an indicator of the level of development of the people. A public sacrifice of an animal in a zoo is a shame for a society of XXI century,” NGO.

Today, I’m not going to say Yareah motto. You know… “Art is everywhere and up to you.” It’s clear that I’m wrong: Art is no everywhere!

“My favourite animal is the koala, but his life would be boring. I would rather be a giraffe so that I could contemplate the beauty of Africa.” Caterina Murino.


the garden of Eden by Bosco

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  • Yareah Magazine

    Yareah loves animals!!!!!

  • ignacio zara

    Everybody loves animals except crazy zoos :(

  • Amy Meredith

    Thanks for this article. I am trying to get an American Zoo to take the second Marius. Anyone that has connections with any American Zoos or sactuaries should start writing.

  • Yareah Magazine

    Thanks a lot, Meredith. You have our support. Our email address is For anything you need, email us. Thanks a lot

  • Jc

    Jack hanna has spoken out about this and offered to take marious but the EAZA which apparently is the “final solution” to the animal world wont do it.

  • ignacio zara

    It’s disgusting

Isabel del Rio

Managing Editor at Yareah® Magazine. Author of ‘Ariza’ (2008) and ‘The Girls of Oil’ (2010)

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