GCT selects CRO Starter Kit™ PSA Platform by Flex Databases

GCT selects CRO Starter Kit™ PSA Platform by Flex Databases
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Flex Databases, a company specializing in Professional Services Automation (PSA) for pharmaceutical industry, announced today that Global Clinical Trials, LLC (GCT) has selected Flex CRO Starter Kit™ as its business automation platform.

GCT is a regional Contract Research Organization (CRO), established in 2001 and headquartered in Princeton, NJ with full-service clinical operations in Russia and Eastern Europe.

“From the very foundation of the company GCT had a clear growth strategy”, says Dr. Eugene Selivra, CEO of GCT. “We developed organically, step by step, basing our growth on the experience and knowledge of the management team and efficient business processes. But we always knew a time would come when we would need a software platform to help us handle the increased complexity, size and number of projects. We explored the market in search of a system that would become a core application, driving all of our day-to-day activities. The CRO Starter Kit™ platform became a perfect match for our needs. It has vital tools for a CRO today, such as budget management, eTMF, a Learning Management System, timesheets and more. But above all, CRO Starter Kit™ is a unique platform where ground level operational activities are seamlessly linked to project management, providing increased efficiency and speed in running clinical research projects.”

“CRO Starter Kit™ is a platform which brings the company together, creating an environment where every action is interconnected with others”, says Timur Galimov, Technical Director of Flex Databases. “Such a system becomes self-reinforcing and is much easier to adopt, because it touches a user from multiple angles. One of the big reasons why CTMS implementations fail is because they affect a limited number of users and become just another database, not connected to anything else and not affecting anything else. The experience and industry knowledge of GCT allowed them to avoid this pitfall by selecting Flex CRO Starter Kit™.”

About Flex Databases

Flex Databases is a Professional Services Automation company specializing in pharmaceutical research. Platform approach adopted by Flex Databases allows to eliminate manual re-entry of data, as information from each module of the system is shared across the platform. Proprietary software developed by Flex Databases allows to quickly generate new functionality, customize solutions for each client and link different modules through platform-wide workflows. Some of the areas covered by Flex Databases are timesheets, project management, subject tracking in clinical trials, site payments, investigator and site management, budget tracking, HR records, expenses, SOPs and learning.

About GCT

Global Clinical Trials, LLC (GCT) is a full service regional Contract Research Organization (CRO), conducting FDA/EMA/GCP compliant Phase I-IV/PK/BE clinical research of biopharmaceuticals, medical devices and combination products in Russia and other countries of CEE/CIS. The company enjoyed consistent growth of more than 25% each year, with 80% of business coming from repeat clients and referrals. Managed by a team of excellent clinical research professionals, GCT maximizes the benefits of the region with a complete understanding of international life science research standards.

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