Astrology vs Ophiuchus. Has your astrological chart changed?

Astrology vs Ophiuchus. Has your astrological chart changed?
Constellation Ophiuchus

Photography of the constellation Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer. Photo attribution Till Credner

Has your astrological chart changed? Ophiuchus was one of the 48 constellations listed by old Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy and since the Earth axis is moving, we could be talking about the ’13th sign of the zodiac’. However, this confuses sign with constellation and this is a mistake.

Some people, I don’t know why, hate astrology and the possible influence of Ophiuchus in our zodiac has excited them because they think this is a new argument against our traditional twelve sings: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Where to place Ofiuco? They say.

I would like to say that astrology is not the same as astronomy. Astrology is a way of thinking, we feel the planets and we talk with them because we think that we are a mirror of the universe and what is happening up influences us. We are part of a major power and not only a silly thing without connections. Astrology joints reason and feelings, it believes we are the union of different forces and tries to understand them. In fact, we call planets to the sun and moon, knowing they are a star and a satellite.

Definitely, we know that the Earth axis is moving but our references were not the stars but equinoxes and solstices and signs don’t change although a new constellations shows its face.

Ophiuchus can be another little influence but your chart remains. Don’t worry.

** Ophiuchus is located opposite Orion in the Milky Way, among Aquila, Serpens and Hercules. The southern part lies between Scorpius to the west and Sagittarius to the east. In north hemisphere, it is best perceptible in summer. It is represented as a man grasping a serpent.

Enjoy your day, Yareah friends. Art is everywhere and up to you.

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