Hell on Wheels season 4. Cullen Bohannon must return to the railroad

Hell on Wheels season 4. Cullen Bohannon must return to the railroad
Isabel del Rio

Hell on Wheels. Elam Ferguson (left) and Cullen Bohannon (right)

Hell on Wheels season 4. The First Transcontinental Railroad across the United States! How was that epic event possible? Among hostile Indians, political corruption, resentment of the Civil War, anger and strenuous work, those people had one goal: to reach the Pacific. Creating a train that will traverse the U.S. from East to West.

Hell on Wheels is an American Western TV series about that epic adventure. Season One (2011) and Two (2012) covered 1866. Season Three (2013) is set in 1867. On November 14, 2013, AMC renewed Hell on Wheels for a season 4 involving 13 episodes in 2014. Everybody is excited!

The story focuses on Cullen Bohannon (played by Anson Mount) a former Confederate soldier who wants to revenge his family (wife and little son) killed by Union soldiers while working as chief engineer on the railroad.

We have already seen hundreds of adventures and now, what opportunities are waiting for us in Season 4?

hell on wheels

Hell on Wheels starring Anson Mount (Cullen Bohannon)

Season 3 has finished with Cullen Bohannon defeated by the corrupt Durant (actor Colm Meaney). Bohannon managed to bring the train to Cheyenne but he is trapped in a Mormon Fort. There, he has been forced to married a Mormon girl, who is pregnant, and ‘The Swede’, a really evil person, (actor Christopher Heyerdah) custody him. Also, his best friend, former slave Elam Ferguson (Hip Hop artist Common), has been attacked by a bear trying to rescue Bohannons, and we don’t know if Elam is dead. Then, everything is a mess. Durant stole Bohannon glory and he will be the new head of the Transcontinental Railroad.

In my opinion, season 4 must start releasing Bohannon from the beginning. He is the hero and he must be on the railroad. Nobody cares about the Mormon Fort. In fact, I think it was a mistake the end of season 3. Bohannon is a strong personality and it seems they have changed his personality turning him into a defeated husband.

I hope Elam Ferguson continues alive. The friendship between Elam and Cullen is the most important point of the TV series.

Of course, Durant and ‘The Swede’ are very important for the series. However, Bohannon must have a suitable girlfriend. The woman priest, the journalist and his current wife are not heroines, a shame Lilly Bell (actress Dominique McElligott) cannot return from the death. A heroine is Eva (actress Robin McLeavy) but she is Elam’s wife. We wish to see her on season 4 again.

All these things must be solved during this new season and of course, some new adventures planned.

What do you think?

Enjoy your day, Yareah friends. Art is everywhere and up to you.


Hell on Wheels. Cullen Bohannon

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  • One of the best TV series during 2013

  • Gale Saxon Main

    When does season 4 of Hell on Wheels begin and the time?

  • We’re still waiting for a date. AMC They don’t know yet

  • shella

    Can’t wait until season 4 bring Cullen back to railroad and Elam so good together

  • Hell Fan

    I think Elam will return. Maybe was taken care of by the Indian he didn’t shoot on the way to find Bohannon. nursed back to health and he will join Bohannon again.
    Wishful thought!

    • I agree with you, Hell Fan. The series without Common… I don’t know but it would miss something very important. I liked the second episode of the fourth season but I think everybody misses Common.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • Ignacio Zara

      It’s incredible how Elam disappeared. I’m angry!

Isabel del Rio

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