Celtic Astrology Compatibility. A calendar based on trees and the Moon

Celtic Astrology Compatibility. A calendar based on trees and the Moon
Isabel del Rio

Old Tree. Photo by Rostislav Kralik

Celtic culture… I love it! They lived in consonance with Nature. They adored trees and they have a calendar based on them and on the Moon (symbol of the White Goddess.)

Celtic druids associated people with trees according to their birthdays. They believe that trees influence people and their personalities.

Today Celtic Astrology Zodiac and Celtic Compatibility:

Birch: People born from December 24 to January 21. Remember that in old Centic culture, the New Year started now, with the defeat of the old year or old king. Compatibility with Willow, Vine and Ivy.

Rowan. People born from January 22 to February 18. They are compatible with Ivy and with Hawthorn.

Ash. Born from February 19 to March 17. Your best relations will be with Oak and Willow.

Alder. Born from March 18 to April 14. Try to know Hazel and Elder. They are perfect for you if you are under Alder protection… A strong protection!

Willow. From April 15 to May 12. They are friendly people and get along well with Hazel, Vine, Birch, Oak and Ash.

Hawthorn. From May 13 to June 9. Rowan and Ivy are your best friends.

Oak. From May 13 to July 7. They are the kings. Oak people have a similar personality to Leo people. They were born to lead.

Holly. From July 8 to August 4. Compatibility with Ash and Elder.

Hazel. From August 5 to September 1. Compatibility with Oak, Vine, Reed, Willow and Alder. Really nice people!

Vine. From September 2 to September 29. Vine represents the joy and they get on well with Willow and Birch.

Ivy. From September 30 to October 27. A problematic personality similar to our Scorpio. People can love them but in fact, they don’t trust anyone.

Reed. From October 28 to November 24. Compatibility with Oak and Ash.

Elder. From November 25 to December 23. A really conservative personality. Compatibility with Holly and Alder.

Enjoy your day, Yareah friends. Art is everywhere and up to you!


Willow tree. Photo by Mel Clark

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Isabel del Rio

Managing Editor at Yareah® Magazine. Author of ‘Ariza’ (2008) and ‘The Girls of Oil’ (2010)

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