Purdicom & MLL Telecom Take Superfast Wireless on the Road to Ignite Super-connected Cities, Rural Broadband and City Centre WiFi

Purdicom & MLL Telecom Take Superfast Wireless on the Road to Ignite Super-connected Cities, Rural Broadband and City Centre WiFi
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Karl Edwards, MLL Telecom

Karl Edwards, MLL Telecom

Purdicom will launch the Superfast Wireless Roadshow in March giving integrators and service providers alliance for winning next generation connection projects with partners MLL TelecomSiklu,Ceragon and Cambium Networks.

OXFORD UK — January 29th, 2014 — In March, Purdicom Ltd will be touring the Superfast Wireless Roadshow aimed at apprising businesses, public sector organisations and service providers of the recently announced government broadband schemes. In partnership with MLL Telecom, Siklu, Ceragon and Cambium Networks, the Superfast Wireless Roadshow will showcase how wireless connectivity can be implemented as the most advanced, flexible and cost effective solution to deliver high-speed broadband across the UK.

With the government admitting that its all-fibre Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) initiative will leave 10% of the UK without superfast Internet access when the roll-out is completed in 2017, wireless connectivity is becoming an increasingly alternative for fibre. The roadshow will outline the benefits of the technology, including the fibre-like broadband speeds, reliability, and rapid delivery at lower OPEX and CAPEX prices. Wireless technologies will therefore help to eliminate the UK’s broadband ‘not-spots’, and enable the move to fully connected smart cities.
The Super connected Cities, City Centre WiFi, metropolitan CCTV and the BDUK programmes have been established by the government to address the challenge of delivering extremely fast, exceptionally reliable and cost effective broadband connectivity across the UK.

“ Both the public and private sector want faster and cheaper broadband – but with fibre, the costs multiply to the point of being economically unviable,” said Karl Edwards, Chief Sales Officer for MLL Telecom. “Wireless has now confidently reached a stage of delivering lightening speeds and dependable reliability, within realistic budgets. The roadshow will not only demonstrate how wireless is being used for Super-connected Cities, BDUK & City Centre WiFi projects, it will also show to partners how to competitively enter into that marketplace.”

The partnership between Purdicom, MLL Telecom, Siklu, Ceragon and Cambium Networks sees a collaboration between five wireless radio technology specialists, perfectly positioned to explain how wireless broadband is not just an alternative solution to fibre, but crucial to creating the superfast broadband networks of the future.
“Widespread broadband connectivity is key to bringing about many of the key technology trends that are forecasted to have a significant impact on the way society and communities interact and use technology – smart cities, connected vehicles, wearable technology; all will require a form of wireless technology,” says John Speakman, Solutions Sales Manager for Purdicom, “The Superfast Wireless Roadshow is an opportunity for experts in the field of wireless connectivity to showcase how wireless broadband will play a major role in the future delivery of high-speed broadband across the UK.”

The roadshow, taking place in March, will touchdown in four locations including Edinburgh (5th March), Manchester (11th March), Birmingham (12th March) and Marlow (13th March). Each of the four selected venues are unique including The Scotch Malt Whiskey Society, Museum of Science and Industry and MLL Telecom’s head offices in Marlow.

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