The Money Party by Hal O’Leary

The Money Party by Hal O’Leary

The Money Party by Hal O’Leary. For those of you disillusioned, disenfranchised American voters who might wish for a successful third party, please know that we have one. However, it may not be the one you want or wish for.


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For those of you disillusioned, disenfranchised American voters who might wish for a successful third party, please know that we have one. However, it may not be the one you want or wish for. It’s not a party you can even vote for. Let us call it the Money Party. While its membership is extremely small, perhaps as few as one percent, and restricted to a select few international corporations along with a very select few obscenely wealthy individuals, make no mistake: it has managed to take control of both the Republican and Democrat parties, making them both obsolete and insignificant. The Money Party does not represent the interest of America or your interest, nor does it owe allegiance to any nation. In fact, it would appear that we are now living under an entirely undemocratic system that Italy’s Benito Mussolini properly labeled Fascism.

“America a fascist state? The man’s insane.” Isn’t that what many of you are thinking? But hear me out in this, along with the vision and wisdom of our Founding Fathers: “The end of democracy, and the American Revolution will occur when the government falls in to the hands of the lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.” Thomas Jefferson.

Have we not indeed thus fallen?

“History records that money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit and violent means possible, to maintain their control over government, by controlling money and its issuance.” James Madison.

It’s now referred to as the Federal Reserve.

It’s not as though we haven’t been warned. More recently, of course, we’ve had Ike’s warning of the Military Industrial Complex, and if that were not enough, we suffered the assassination of JFK, who had the audacity to threaten the Federal Reserve System with Executive Order 11110. Look it up.

Unfortunately, no president has since dared to defy the Money Party in its quest for global military and economic hegemony with the hope of returning power to we the people.

One could and most properly should ask how this alarming situation was allowed to happen. It, too, goes back to our very beginnings. It rests on the age-old question of whether or not we are, as the poet John Donne put it, “our brother’s keeper(s).” Then even further back to the teaching of Jesus: “Truly I tell you that whatever you did to one of the least of these, you have done to me.”

How did this most sensible and simple wisdom become lost in what should have been the intellectual evolution of our kind? For an answer, let us return to our beginnings as a nation and the creation of the Great American Dream. Freedom was the key to all that one could desire, the key to happiness. And that was great, but with the assumption that we could determine for ourselves what constitutes happiness. Unfortunately, this is where we went awry. That Great American Dream came to mean nothing more than the accumulation of material wealth, which, of course, meant that such wealth must be derived in competition with or in many cases at the expense of, our fellow man. Thus followed the ridiculous concept of “The-Rugged-Individualist,” the man who needed no one, the man who would “build it” by himself. This concept, of course, was in sharp contrast to what John Donne and Jesus had in mind.

Of course, not everyone wished to be or became the rugged individualist. There were those who recognized that we, not the individualist, but we, were responsible for the creation of what was to be the great promise of an equal and just future for all. Such a future would happen only through cooperation, which meant that there would be not one but generally two approaches to its realization throughout the population. One would insist that man should be free and unfettered by a government which he often viewed as an obstacle to his quest for material gain. The other approach, recognizing his brother’s need as his own, viewed his government as the vehicle for assuring equality and justice for all. These two approaches grew into what we now term the conservative Republican and progressive Democrat parties.

To hear the parties go at each other, we might think that one or the other must have evil designs in their attempts to force their erroneous convictions on the other, when actually, neither is without merit. The conservative’s initiative cannot be denied, nor can his preference for continuity and stability. These can be viewed as admirable and even necessary traits. On the other hand, who can deny that the progressive’s willingness to risk change leads to progress as opposed to stagnation, and that his concern for others benefits both the others and himself? There is no doubt but that any society can benefit from the wisdom embedded in both, provided they can work together collectively, with the moderates of each curbing the extremes of both. This is what the founding fathers had envisioned. So how did it all go so wrong?

For the answer to that question, we must turn again to the warnings of those same founding fathers and the Money Party which they so fervently cautioned us against. With the assassination of JFK and the continuous fear it generated, the Money Party, playing to and dividing the extremes of both parties, gained virtual control of each branch of the federal government. Representatives of both the Republican and Democrat parties became treasonable accessories to the abolishment of constitutional rights and protections with the use of lies, propaganda and false-flag threats, including the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, 9/11 and Iraq’s mythical WMD. The Money Party has increased its power and obscene wealth through manufactured fear in a climate of a perpetual war on terror, which, like the war on drugs, was never meant to be won.

With this knowledge, I will therefore refuse to vote, and would encourage you to do the same. The argument that one should, in this situation, vote for the lesser of two evils man not be such a wise choice. Any vote we cast will be for the Money Party, which has, through its corporate media, succeeded in diverting dividing you, by confronting you with relatively insignificant issues such as the deficit, immigration, pro-life, gay marriage and taxation. If you will take note that the illegal war in Afghanistan, which should be our first and main concern with its untold cost in lives and money, was only slightly touched upon by the Democrats during their last convention and not at all during the Republican convention, your vote will be an indication to them that you are still buying into the Great American Dream. And so long as you can be persuaded that it remains viable, their position remains secure, and our future dim.

If the progressives and the conservatives can come together in the common cause of denying the Money Party’s enslavement of both, we can yet be saved. But only if the progressive can allow the conservative to temper exuberance with reason, and if the conservative can learn to share in the excitement and revelation of change, will our salvation be possible. Amen

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Hal O’Leary is an eighty-seven-year-old Secular Humanist who believes that it is only through the arts that one is afforded an occasional glimpse into the otherwise incomprehensible. He has been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from West Liberty University.

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