Did Santa Claus bring you a tablet or laptop this Christmas?

Did Santa Claus bring you a tablet or laptop this Christmas?
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It seems like a fairly easily question to answer. Especially as we just came back from Christmas break, received presents and already caught up with friends about theirs. So, you might have an image of what was actually most popular as a Christmas present for Britons: laptop or tablet. But how does the situation look in the maturing European markets? What did Poles receive as a present this Christmas? Was it a tablet or laptop? Is there still an opportunity for the electronics manufacturers to conquer the Polish market?

The biggest voucher code website on the Polish market,, will try to show you the current situation. In their latest customer survey, they compared last year’s tablets and laptops sales generated in November and December. The survey showed 68.4% of Polish people had bought a laptop and only 31.6% decided to purchase a tablet. Even if the interest in tablets looked small, this is an impressive increase from the 2012, where for pre-Christmas shopping over 90% of Poles has chosen laptops as a present and only 8% decided to buy tablet. The speed in which the Polish market is expending is exciting.

“Data presents that even if the number of tablets sold continues to grow, they are still not that popular and essential in everyday lives of Polish people, in order to compete with laptops” – comments Kamil Brożek, the Polish Market Manager for At the same time he points out that, “the data exclude information about laptops and tablets being sold in stores. Therefore, the sale of cheaper tablets can be bigger, thanks to the offline discounts and promotions, especially in the supermarkets.”

The situation in the Polish market could be caused by the fact that laptops in our opinion are associated with being used for educational purposes whereas tablets are mainly being used for reading, playing games, taking photos, social media and other fun activities and entertainment. That is why laptops are perceived as a more practical present in comparison to tablets. Showing that Poles are a more practical nation.

Obviously the price plays a major role and therefore tablets have become more achievable and popular First Communion’s present for Polish children. It is not a watch or a bike anymore, but a tablet that is chosen as a very popular present. When it comes to laptops, families prefer to save money and invest in those devices. They use Christmas as a good excuse to buy laptops for each other.

Is it possible, however, that this optimistic view of laptop sales will change next Christmas? A good reference point here is the British market, which is the fastest growing one in Europe to acquire any and all novelties and technological innovations available. Many trends visible today in Poland had their source in the UK.

Tablet sales growth rate in the UK is very high. Current figures show that there are more than 17 million devices sold at the British market. This means that every fourth adult Briton owns a tablet – said Aga Marchewka, the UK Market Specialist for She adds that according to the latest forecasts, this number will increase to more than 20 million this year.

At the end, it is worth mentioning that interestingly, there is a significant difference between Poles and Britons when it comes to the age structure of tablet users. In the UK, every third person among tablet’s owners is more than 55 years old, whereas those aged 18-24 represent only 7%. However in Poland the situation looks different. Tablets use is still associated with a young and novelty passionate generation.

Poland then looks like a great place for electronics’ manufacturers to invest in now. Not only is this a fresh market to find new customers, there are also strong predictions for growing interest for tablets and their accessories. Additionally there are more seasonal opportunities as Poles will buy tablets, laptops and electronics in May as a gift for First Communion and they will definitely purchase more tablets for Christmas 2014.

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