Electronic Cigarette. Viva la revolution as Vivid Vapours launched

Electronic Cigarette. Viva la revolution as Vivid Vapours launched
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Until now, the UK’s rapidly growing electronic cigarette market has been all about evolution.

Vivid Vapours' e-liquid flavours

Vivid Vapours’ e-liquid flavours

Now the revolution has begun, with the launch of Vivid Vapours – an exciting new range of amazing e-liquid flavours – designed to tempt hundreds of thousands more smokers to ditch tobacco.

Flavours including Berry Blast, Cappuccino Cream, Pineapple Rocks, Cinnamon Apple, Golden Tobacco and Red Wings are available in medium and high nicotine strengths, giving customers an unrivalled range of 20 Vivid Vapours to choose from.

With 10ml bottles costing just £4.99, it is expected that the e-cigarette revolution will gather pace during 2014 as smokers make the switch to a more satisfying electronic alternative.

Vivid Vapours’ managing director Kazim Merali said: “Our great tasting e-liquids are going to have a major impact in 2014- we are confident that Vivid Vapours will soon be recognised as the market leader.

“The e-cigarette market is maturing and as more and more smokers make the switch they are looking for alternative products that suit their tastes and lifestyle. Vivid Vapours gives them some of the best flavours available on the market today, along with a guarantee of only the highest quality ingredients and equipment.

“We’ve sourced some of the best tasting e-liquids from all over the world and tested them extensively for taste and satisfaction so that we can offer the best range currently available anywhere in the UK.”

He added: “The electronic cigarette was invented over 10 years ago in China. Since then technology in the battery and the atomizer has improved immeasurably, as have the production techniques. So today, the Vivid Vapours electronic cigarette is the highest quality available, providing the sensation and enjoyment of smoking a real cigarette without inhaling any of the thousands of chemicals you would if you were burning a tobacco cigarette.

“When you couple that with the fact that tobacco cigarettes are becoming increasingly taboo, with smokers being banished to designated areas out in the cold, there has never been a better time to switch to e-cigarettes.”

The Vivid experience:

· Every Vivid e-liquid bottle contains a solution of water, nicotine, propylene glycol (a liquid used in the food and pharmaceutical industries) and flavour.

· When you inhale using the Vivid electronic cigarette a small battery powered heater warms the e-liquid and makes a smoke-like vapour.

· The nicotine gives you the hit just like smoking a tobacco cigarette.

· E-cigarettes do not contain any of the 4,000 toxins and carcinogens produced when you light a regular cigarette.

· The Vivid Ego electronic cigarette can be re-filled with your favourite flavours over and over again.

· Great flavours include Berry Blast, Cappuccino Cream, Pineapple Rocks, Cinnamon Apple, Golden Tobacco, Citrus Fruit, Menthol Breeze, Apricot Peach and Red Wings.

Vivid Vapours will be available online and from stockists across the UK, including thousands of independent retailers. The Vivid starter kit includes a battery, CE4 Clearomiser, a mains charger and a 10ml bottle of medium strength Golden Tobacco flavoured solution for just £19.99. For more information visit

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