Pisces celebs. Rihanna, Justin Bieber or Elizabeth Taylor

Pisces celebs. Rihanna, Justin Bieber or Elizabeth Taylor

Pisces celebs. Rihanna, Justin Bieber or Elizabeth Taylor. Always intuitive and sensitive people. Pisces men and women are the best friends and very intelligent at work.


Rihanna. Photo attribution http://www.flickr.com/photos/7952984@N02/

Yes, when we are speaking about Pisces people should show some respect. Because usually, they are extremely good people.

Do you know that Albert Einstein was Pisces? He was born in Ulm (Germany) on March 14, 1879. Einstein is a good example of a Pisces personality. Great discoverers and creators, always looking for more, swimming in dark waters. (Galileo and Copernicus were also Pisces, and Victor Hugo or Chopin).

But how about Elizabeth Taylor? Another good example of another facet of Pisces people. She was always worried by her friends, extremely sympathetic, suffering and trying to solve the problems of others (Anaïs Nin was also Pisces).

Sometimes they are misunderstood by their passionate way of behaving. Some people can manipulate them for their great heart. They dislike outdated models and society is not always as modern as them.

2014, it’s a good year for Pisces people but they have to take care of their big generosity. They can finish exhausted!

Other Pisces celebs:

Alan Rickman (February 21, 1946); Sharon Stone (March 10, 1958); Rihanna (February 20, 1988); Juliette Binoche (March 9, 1964); Bruce Willis (March 19, 1955); Justin Bieber (March 1, 1994); Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955); Elizabeth Taylor (February 27, 1932); George Harrison (February 24, 1943); Eva Longoria (March 15, 1975); Drew Barrymore (February 22, 1975); Daniel Craig (March 2, 1968); Eva Mendes (March 5, 1974); Chuck Norris (March 10, 1940); Kesha (March 1, 1987); Javier Bardem (March 1, 1969); Haifa Wehbe (March 10, 1970); Bow Wow (March 9, 1987)…

Enjoy your day, Yareah friends. Art is everywhere and up to you!

“If you treat her right, a Pisces can be the best girlfriend you will ever have.”

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