Do you want to feel like James Bond for a day? Try Super Car Hire

Do you want to feel like James Bond for a day? Try Super Car Hire
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Season Car Hire revolutionise Super Car Hire

Car Hire. Lamborghini, ferrari, Mclaren

Car Hire. Lamborghini, ferrari, Mclaren

Season Car Hire, based in east London have introduced a new way to hire a Supercar. Super Car Hire has often been thought of as an expensive leisure. Not anymore – Introducing “Pay as you drive” a simple way to hire supercars where the customer is charged a reduced rate.

[quote align=”left” color=”#999999″]Season Car Hire, Like It, Hire It, Drive It![/quote]A member of the team from Season Car Hire commented on the Pay as you Drive and had this to say “the concept is simple, normally when hiring supercars you have a mileage allowance of 100 miles per day, often our customers who hire these cars, especially in the London area would averagely use 50 miles a day and some would only use 25 miles. Taking this into consideration, we decided to have a lower start up hire charge, with a lower mileage allowance and for customers who need more mileage they would pay the additional mileage charge. This is why we called it Pay as you drive, the more you drive the more you pay.”

An example of the scheme can be taken by using the Ferrari 458 spider. Old tariff rates equated to 1200 GBP per day inclusive of vat and 100 miles allowance, however using pay as you drive, the rate is 600 GBP per day inclusive of 25 miles with additional miles charged at 6 GBP per mile. If a customer hired a car for a day and used 50 miles he would actually save 400 GBP.

Cars available on “Pay as you Drive” include the following:

Aston Martin Rapide 330 GBP per day
Ferrari 458 coupe 540 GBP per day
Ferrari 458 Spider 600 GBP per day
Lamborghini LP560 456 GBP per day
Lamborghini LP570 performante 468 GBP per day
Mclaren MP4 Spyder 600 GBP per day
Mercedes SLS 63 AMG 342 GBP per day
Mercedes SL63 AMG 342 GBP per day

All prices above include 25 miles allowance and Vat.

Delivery is available nationwide at a charge.

For more information on Pay as you drive please call 08442274473 or visit Alternatively email us

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