Top quotes of 2013. Love, death, myths, arts, ethics… Yareah authors

Top quotes of 2013. Love, death, myths, arts, ethics… Yareah authors
Yareah Magazine

Top quotes of 2013. Jenean Gilstrap, James Goertel, Michael Bell, Ali Boyd, Hal O’Leary, Melissa Fry Beasley and Natália Gromicho.


Top quotes of 2013. Love, death, myths, arts, ethics… Yareah authors

“Samhain marks the beginning of winter, the darker part of the year. It is a time when the wall between the worlds of the living and dead fall away and the souls of departed ancestors are encouraged to join the tables of the living, for an evening.” By Ali Body (Tales, Trinkets, Talismans).

“Listen to the dead sing… Those who were before us leave a trail… Plant our suffering & leave it… Honor the things… That are our identity…” Poetry by Melissa Fry Beasley (My Roots).

“It is the fear of loss that leads us from need to greed in an attempt to insure financial security. It is a fear of failure that stymies dreams and aspirations that should carry us on to bigger and better things. It is a fear that, if we were to wonder, we might doubt ourselves at the expense of a bit of peace of mind. It is a fear manufactured, manipulated and imposed by a pathological few to guarantee the continued support for unneeded and illegal wars. It is the fear and doubt of one’s own reasoning that results in the submission to peer pressure. It is the fear of mostly imagined external threats that causes one to submit to unreasonable control by any who might promise security. It is the fear that a different drummer somehow represents a distinct threat to the very peace of mind found in adherence to a status quo.” By author Hal O’Leary (Just Hal).

“And I will raise up my arms high into the skies… to reach across the waters deep… and touch upon your love so sweet…” Poetry by Jenean Gilstrap (Gypsy Woman World).

“Left to congeal into sadness, stasis… through the inertia of standing still…, abeyance atop a bluff, above a precipice… where the snow, the fog… erase distinctions between a collection of horizons…” Poetry by James Goertel (Under the Same Moon).

“I can’t paint what I don’t know with any authenticity and that very authenticity is what the audience appreciates most when “feeling their way” through one of my paintings. My themes also revolve around sex and violence, and like Caravaggio, I, too have led an extremely volatile life filled with many highs and lows, and some tragedies that would be unspeakable to most. My career as a painter also hasn’t been without controversy, given my infamous painting clientele, from the late John Gotti to my best pal Dominic Capone III, who just happens to be Al Capone’s great nephew. But I am who I am. It’s why I paint what I paint, and I’ll never apologize for that or for who my clientele happen to be.” By artist Michael Bell (MBELLArt).

“Nelson Mandela said his country was a rainbow. Color ceased to exist in humans, from now on, the human being is no longer defined by color, is defined by your actions to others, DO NOT DO TO OTHERS WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT FOR YOU!” By artist Natália Gromicho (Chiado in Colors).

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  • how lovely to see/read these quotes from the fabulously dedicated and talented writers here at yareah – and even more lovely, to be included among such talent – many thanks for this very special article –

  • wonderful to come across this again…here, in the last days of the year 2014…thanks for everything Yareah Magazine!

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