Dubai Photography. Do You See What I See at Cuadro Gallery

Dubai Photography. Do You See What I See at Cuadro Gallery
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Dubai Photography. Do You See What I See at Cuadro Gallery. 11 December 2013 – 9 January 2014. Merry Christmas, Yareah friends.


Dubai Photography. Do You See What I See at Cuadro Gallery. Artist Ayla Hibri


DUBAI, UAE: Cuadro Gallery is proud to present “Do You See What I See,” a group exhibition by local and international artists: Ammar Al Attar, Farah Al Qasimi, Ayla Hibri and Michel Le Belhomme.

The show will be the premier of “Sibeel Water” by Emirati artist Ammar Al Attar. It will be the inaugural exhibition of Emirati artist Farah Al-Qasimi and Lebanese artist Ayla Hibri. It will also debut the work of French artist Michel Le Belhomme in the Middle East region.

These emerging photographers have an intuitive way of capturing mundane moments that we are often unable to see. Their work highlights these every day realities and provides us with an essential means through which to explore and understand our surroundings.

The artists complement excellent visual composition with world-class production techniques that include photographing with rare large format films.

Cuadro Gallery Director Bashar Al Shroogi commented, “By the time most of the artists in our show were old enough to take photographs, film had been replaced with digital media so it is interesting to see them leaning towards large format film and vintage cameras to shoot their current series. Not only do these artists have an astute eye, they are also meticulous in their use of equipment to capture and develop their images.”


Dubai Photography. Do You See What I See at Cuadro Gallery. Artist Ammar Al Attar

Ammar Al Attar: Sibeel Water Al Attar presents a series of images that focus on the generosity reflected in the act of supplying free water to a community. Giving away an element so precious simultaneously highlights a deeply hospitable culture and an increasingly scarce resource.

Farah Al Qasimi: Sunset Circus Farah Al Qasimi spent many summer holidays on the American east coast. Her memories of that foreign land as a carefree child inspire her to return there. She explores familiar sites in an attempt to immortalize the feelings of contentment and wonder that visit almost exclusively in the summertime.

Ayla Hibri: Amir Asil Hibri travels to the remote roads of Yemen to discover a subculture of motorcyclists and explore the unique bond between man and metal.

Michel Le Belhomme: The Blind Beast Le Belhomme distorts seemingly protective domicile enclosures to propose that they are nothing more than rickety boxes in our troubled minds.


Dubai Photography. Do You See What I See at Cuadro Gallery. Artist Michel Le Belhomme


Founded in 2008, Cuadro Gallery, located in the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), has quickly become one of the UAE’s premier contemporary and modern art venues.

Cuadro Gallery maintains four keys areas of focus: exhibitions, education, residency and consultation. Cuadro’s curated exhibitions provide audiences with an opportunity to experience different approaches and execution styles of art. These exhibitions are enhanced by the Cuadro Education Program, which is comprised of lectures, workshops and panel discussions. The Residency at Cuadro offers a select group of artists studio space in the UAE. The artists, both local and international, are often also provided the opportunity to exhibit the work they have created at Cuadro at the end of their residency.

Cuadro also provides qualified art consultation services for its discerning collectors, building on and enhancing existing collections, as well as helping establish new collections.

Through these initiatives, Cuadro maintains its commitment to dynamically engage and add value to the local and international art communities.

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Dubai Photography. Do You See What I See at Cuadro Gallery. Artist Farah Al Qasimi


Ammar Al Attar – Ammar Al Attar was born in Dubai in 1981 and currently lives and works in the United Arab Emirate of Ajman. He holds a Masters in International Business from the University of Wollongong in Dubai and a Bachelor in Business Information Technology from Dubai’s Higher Colleges of Technology. He has attended a number of photography courses both in the UAE and abroad and is a member of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), the Photographic Society of America (PSA), and the Abu Dhabi International Photographic Society (ADIPS). Al Attar’s work has been shown in various group exhibitions in the UAE, including Emirati Expressions and the Thessaloniki Museum in Greece in 2011. In 2013 he exhibited at the Sharjah Biennale, Athr Gallery (Jeddah) and Riwaq Bahrain. Al Attar’s ‘Prayer Room’ series can be found in the collection of the Sharjah Art Foundation.

Farah Al-Qasimi – Farah Al-Qasimi was born in Abu Dhabi in 1991, raised between the UAE and USA, she currently lives and works in Dubai where she teaches photography at the Higher Colleges of Technology. In 2012, Al-Qasimi graduated from Yale University in New Haven, CT, with a degree in Fine Arts.

Al-Qasimi has exhibited her works at the Maraya Art Center (Sharjah), the Sikka Art Fair (Dubai), and The Pavilion Downtown (Dubai), and is a graduate of Art Dubai’s inaugural Campus program for emerging artists. A long-time musician and student of composition, Al-Qasimi is deeply influenced by music and film, often regarding her photographs as stills from a movie.

Al-Qasimi works in large format because it allows her to mirror the process of painting in picture-making. It permits color and surface to become an integral part of the viewing experience, and forces her to work in a way that is slow, thoughtful and intentional. Much of Al-Qasimi’s work deals with developing a singular sensibility and way of seeing, creating a specific world of images that reflects that. She is interested in commodities and what they say about people. Because of this, Al-Qasimi’s photographs tend to depict mundane, everyday things with an underlying strangeness or sense of humor.

Ayla Hibri – Born in 1987 in Beirut (Lebanon), Ayla Hibri received a BFA in Interior Architecture from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts and an MFA in Photography from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her works have been exhibited internationally in England, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lebanon and the United States. Hibri currently lives and works between Beirut and Istanbul.

Michel Le Belhomme – Michel Le Belhomme was born in 1973 in France. He studied at Rennes Art School under Tom Drahos (1999). Le Belhomme then went on to study at the University Rennes 2 earning a Diploma supérior of Arts Education. In 2010 he was the winners of the Mission Jeunes Artistes in Toulouse (France) and the first Prixlacrtique Voies Off, in Arles (France).

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