Fashion. Microcosmos: Unique Designs to Conquer International Markets

Fashion. Microcosmos: Unique Designs to Conquer International Markets
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Fashion. Paris 33 Collection

Fashion. Paris 33 Collection

Microcosmos is a Spanish-based fashion firm that offers exclusive designs in high-quality digital prints; the diverse and highly original collections available will catch the eye of all fashion experts.

Tricking the eye in a distinctive manner, the garments simulate another reality through optical effects. These effects are achieved through the use of perspective, shading etc, allowing each piece to achieve an “intensified reality” with a halo of charm and personality.

With a particular style, one or two dusted colours and aesthetics close to the world of comics as well as heightened volumes and textures, the offering of Microcosmos can be acquired in several points of sale in the UK, Continental Europe and Japan, as well as via the online Only premium Italian fabrics are used in the series of collections; the sewing work and digitally printing of designs is conducted entirely in Spain, according to responsible trading standards.

Microcosmos was born as a brand in 2008, with the first collection designed by Alicia Monereo and her team. In order to achieve an accurate interpretation of the Parisian fashions of the 1930s, Alicia travelled across the “City of Light” to devour as many available fashion magazines and other illustrative materials from that era and from these, she created her first sketches. 

It is after two years of carefully selecting sketches and striving to find the best fabrics and most appropriate printing techniques that the first production begins. T-shirts and kimonos are carefully produced in outstanding quality and with impressive originality, with designs that were inspired by the comic world and the illustration of figurines and have quickly become the brand’s hallmark.
After only two months, with encouragement from the excellent critiques on the collection, Microcosmos’ online presence has sprawled to different social networks, a multilingual website, and an online shop with free delivery. To date, their designs have had a great welcome in new markets and the brand is already shipping worldwide.

Microcosmos is currently divided in to three collections: Paris 33, Pregnancy Collection and Kimono – all of which are inspired by the aesthetics and beauty of legendary pieces made with sumptuous fabrics.

• Paris 33 recreates the figurines from Parisian fashion magazines of the 1930s. With its particular style and an aesthetic close to the world of comic books, Paris 33 utilises specific illustrator’s resources to illuminate and shade volumes and textures. Colours, lines and renovated shapes evoke the elegance and fun of Paris in the 1930s.

• The line design for those women that are expecting a baby, Pregnancy collection, is inspired in “Volume”, which is the absolute main character for future moms. With striking and amusing images that highlight the curves of the mom-to-be, their charm is truly seductive. With these garments, the focus is on the growing baby and is highlighted by the characteristic volume, giving it a “balloon” effect. The t-shirts, made from cotton knit of the highest quality, are designed so they can be worn during any month of pregnancy; they can even be worn without a bulging belly because the printing is not distorted at any time and fits perfectly.

• The Kimono Collection is inspired by the aesthetics and beauty of traditional Japanese attire. The exclusive re-interpretation of each garment is documented with Japanese Kimono fabrics and faithfully represents the rich and unique materials that are used for this oriental dress and that have been a part of the far-east’s most seductive aspects of history. The wide belt is called an “obi”, which is comprised of a set of several layers of fabrics, laces and large ties in the back. This has been expertly resolved in a flat format with the aid of “digital sewing”, adding a touch of real beauty to a versatile and comfortable garment and is ideal to be noticed.

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