Jewelry inspired by the Southwestern influences of Colorado. MKaltenbach

Jewelry inspired by the Southwestern influences of Colorado. MKaltenbach
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Jewelry inspired by the Southwestern influences of Colorado. MKaltenbach, luxury and creativeness!


Aztec Drop by MKaltenbach

Colorado history and culture is the backdrop fort the dramatic jewels created by MKaltenbach, including some of the Southwestern influence of that state. MKaltenbach continues to offer unique, handmade fashion jewelry online, including pieces inspired by the many cultures that have contributed to Colorado’s development.

Luxurious pieces influenced by the Southwestern cultures that helped to shape the state and still influence fashion, food and lifestyles throughout this region.


Chevron Snake by MKaltenbach

While online fashion jewelry abounds, few sites can boast the attention to detail displayed by MKaltenbach. Unlike discount online fashion jewels stores, every piece is handmade with love and care. This designer fashion jewelry outshines many pieces on other fashion jewelry websites and provides a cost-effective alternative to trendy fashion jewelry with quality, timeless pieces.

MKaltenbach’s fashion jewels sets are guaranteed to be unique fashion jewelry that is handcrafted and made with attention to quality. Unlike many fashion jewelry accessories available online, MKaltenbach’s fashionable jewelry reflects a true spirit of creativity and allows customers to enjoy high luxury and glamour along with the knowledge that they own a hand-crafted, unique piece personally designed by Megan Kaltenbach.

For the very best in hand-made fashion jewelry inspired by the Southwestern influences of Colorado, MKaltenbach provides a wide array of colors and choices.


Turquoise Longhorn by MKaltenbach

About MKaltenbach:

Megan Kaltenbach was a professional model who turned her hand to designing fashion costume jewelry and found that she not only had a great talent for this art but loved it enough to devote her full-time efforts to creating unique, handmade jewelry. Today, Megan, who resides in Denver, Colorado, spends her days seeking out inspiration from her beautiful surroundings and crafting lovely designer jewelry that will be a wonderful addition to any jewelry collection.

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