Poetry. Jenean C. Gilstrap: Streets of Sin

Poetry. Jenean C. Gilstrap: Streets of Sin
Jenean C Gilstrap

Sunday Poetry by Gypsy Woman, Jenean C. Gilstrap. Today: Streets of Sin

Sunday Poetry by Gypsy Woman, Jenean C. Gilstrap. Today: Streets of Sin

Sunday Poetry by Gypsy Woman, Jenean C. Gilstrap. Today: Streets of Sin

streets of sin

shattered windows

look out o’er fields

of souls hung out

to dry bleached from

all those tarnished


vultures circle like

dandilions on a

sunny day as

children play

and tender arms

of mercy sweep

cross the mountains tall

as i follow the path

of broken bones

paved with all them sins

ragin’ from within



  • Jenean C. Gilstrap

    much gratitude and all my thanks to YAREAH MAGAZINE and MARTIN and ISABEL for their ongoing dedication to the arts – and to artists from ’round the globe! it’s a privilege and honor to appear in this magnificent magazine!

  • Pat

    Reminds me of Salford – way back when.

    • Jenean C. Gilstrap

      so happy to have you read me, pat! many thanks – i’ll have to google salford now! the image here is of an old partially torn down building in the historic section of shreveport louisiana – there were several such sites in that area that were wonderful for photographing – such wonderful colors and textures –

  • Trish

    Love this one!

    • Jenean C. Gilstrap

      thanks so much trish – visits and comments are so gratifying – !!!

Jenean C Gilstrap

Since childhood, Ms. Gilstrap has had a love of words-of writing and other arts. An individualist, she chooses not to follow any pre-conceived pattern for the outlay of these words – rather, she allows them the freedom to forge their own path as they make their way from her heart to pen to paper. Her art work involves both photography and mixed media on large canvasses. She is a weekly featured poet in Yareah Magazine where her works have appeared for more than a year. Her piece The Granite God was the winning poem in Painted Bride Quarterly Sidebar #12 [2012]. Her work has been featured in performance poetry theatrical productions in Louisiana and her short story, Retribution, published in the Helicon Literary Magazine there. She and her gypsywomanworld blog are included as character/story elements in Ghost Key, the fictional work of award-winning author Trish MacGregor. Her first volume of poetry [2013], words unspoken, is available in both paperback and on kindle at amazon. She currently divides her time between her home in Louisiana and the east coast as she completes her second volume of poetry to be published in 2013.

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