Los Angeles exhibitions. Fifty years of paper works at Couturier Gallery

Los Angeles exhibitions. Fifty years of paper works at Couturier Gallery
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Los Angeles exhibitions. Fifty years of paper works at Couturier Gallery: About Paper. December 7, 2013 – January 4, 2014.


About Paper. Fifty years of paper works at Couturier Gallery

OPENING: Artists’ Reception, Saturday December 7, 6-8pm. GALLERY HOURS: Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm. 

Couturier Gallery is pleased to present About Paper an exhibition of 11 artists who have elevated paper from a surface material to its own medium conceptually and malleably through cutting, molding and sculpting. Featuring works by local, national and international artists: Hina Aoyama, Lucrezia Bieler, Lorraine Bubar, Juan Gomez-Quiroz, Haruka, Alison Keogh, Elsa Mora, Jeff Nishinaka, Ann Page, Sonia Romero and Kevin Jay Stanton. About Paper will be on display from December 7, 2013 through January 4, 2014. Please join us for an opening reception on Saturday, December 7, from 6-8pm with several of the artists in attendance.

Paper originated in 2nd Century China and quickly spread to other areas of the world. It often holds the dual position of being highly revered for the things that it presents (such as decrees, iconography and historic text) and also for being an accessible product that gives equal creative voice to the masses. Perhaps it is through this duality that paper has experienced an Arts and Crafts type movement with artists simplifying their approach to paper in an attempt to bring “truth to nature” and let the material speak for itself.


Nightingales by Lucrezia Bieler

About Paper showcases a diversity of artists and disciplines that cover nearly 50 years of paper works. Chilean artist Juan Gomez-Quiroz, New Mexican artist Alison Keogh and Californian artist Ann Page all have a conceptual approach to their work with paper being the conduit for their ideas. Gomez-Quiroz explores the concept of dimensional space with a 1965 piece. Keogh brings a physicality to her work by connecting to the natural elements of her sculpture through hands-on application and manufacturing. Page explores the evolutionary uniqueness of form and meaning even when items have the same simple core elements.

The art of paper cutting can be found in many cultures: Kirie in Japan, Wycinanki in Poland, Papel Picado in Mexico, to name a few. The level of skill and accuracy is incredible as seen by the work of Japanese artists, Haruka and Hina Aoyama and Florida artist Lucrezia Bieler. Haruka uses a steady hand to cut her nature and Gothic themed works, going through an X-Acto blade every 30 minutes to achieve her precision cuts. Amazingly, Aoyama achieves her elaborate thread-like pieces using scissors. Bieler also uses very small scissors to create her organic shapes and detailed work all from a single sheet of paper.

Californian artists Lorraine Bubar and Sonia Romero, and New York artist Kevin Jay Stanton have an illustrative approach to paper. Bubar is a story-teller who cuts exotic handmade paper to depict allegorical scenes which create densely filled dimensional works. Romero utilizes her printmaking background by cutting paper matrixes which stand alone as framed works of art. Stanton is an illustrator whose storyboard cuttings have been used for Signature Shakespeare books by Sterling Publishing.

Cuban born artist Elsa Mora and Los Angeles native Jeffrey Nishinaka use paper cutting and molding to create their individual works. The multi-disciplined Mora mixes delicately cut and subtly sculpted paper (sometimes brightly colored) to create fanciful shadowbox pieces suggesting fables or sensuous organic forms. Nishinaka is an acclaimed paper artist known for his mastery of molded reliefs which rely on the chiaroscuro effect of contouring light to reveal the layered, detailed work.


About Paper. Fifty years of paper works at Couturier Gallery

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