Successful Fantasy Novella Spawns Three-Book Series

Successful Fantasy Novella Spawns Three-Book Series
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After successfully publishing the chart-topping fantasy novella, Ryann, author Paul Dorset answers his fans by releasing the first in a new three-book series which follows on right where the novella left off – Introducing, Ryann’s Brother.

Successful Fantasy Novella Spawns Three-Book Series

Successful Fantasy Novella Spawns Three-Book Series

After successfully publishing the chart-topping fantasy novella, Ryann, author Paul Dorset answers his fans by releasing the first in a new three-book series which follows on right where the novella left off. Ryann’s Brother is a full-length Fantasy novel, aimed at young and older adults alike.

“The demand was there,” Paul said. “Apparently, the short story wasn’t enough to satisfy my readers, and so I devised a complete three-book series.”

The first book of the series is entitled Ryann’s Brother, and the premise is as follows:

Ryann gained her freedom from slavery by winning a wager with the son of her owning lord. Now she is setting out to find her long lost brother who is rumored to live in the country of her birth. But Bramwel Cala, the ruthless and barbaric son of her ex-lord and master, wants his revenge.

A deathly plague is also devastating the land, and there are many people who would as soon have Ryann killed as help her on her quest. In a land of lords and tax-collectors, potion-makers and sclavas, will the young and innocent Ryann survive to fulfill the destiny she was born to?

The book is available on Amazon and Smashwords for $2.99 as an ebook, and also as a paperback for $9.99.

About Paul Dorset: Paul Dorset was born in Poole, Dorset in England, but has been living in America since 1995. He has been writing for many years, with some of his early works published in ‘teen advice’ columns. He has had many technical articles published, mostly in the field of Computing.

Paul currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, but has traveled extensively and worked many times with teens and youth groups. It is this background, combined with a vivid imagination, that has enabled him to weave a tapestry of magic into complete novels. His first epic fantasy series, aimed at young adults, is entitled ‘The Southern Lands’. However, the storyline is more than exciting enough to keep adults turning pages as the story unfolds.

Paul is a father of five who has worked as a computer consultant for more than 30 years. His publications include fantasy novels for ages 12-plus, how-to books for adults, and dark paranormal thrillers for ages 16+. He incorporates his extensive experience in computers – and his insightful perspective on the possibilities therein – in novels that include layers of contemporary intrigue, romance and mystery. You can follow his blog at

 BUY BOOK ON AMAZON: Ryann’s Brother


RYANN (Prequel Novella)

RYANN (Prequel Novella)

RYANN (Prequel Novella)

Living during a time when children were sold as indentured servants, Ryann must find a way to buy her freedom before the bullying son of her lord and master exacts a deathly vengeance upon her. The castle at Walthern is inhabited by lords and soldiers, potion-makers and sclavas; all trying to eke out an existence in an unforgiving country laid waste by battle. With only a tattered yellow nightdress, two dark brown dresses, and a small assortment of odds and ends, what chance does Ryann have of beating the odds?

Available for FREE!

Did you know this book was available as a FREE download?

Download your free copy today and read this exciting Young Adult Fantasy novella. It is a wonderful introduction into the world of author Paul Dorset.

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A Selection Of Reviews

“…Ryann is no ordinary urchin. Paul Dorset creates a character of substance, and one to cheer for, along with a story to make a reader want to applaud. I read this story over the weekend and will leave you with this: Read the story, because any more of my ramblings will cause spoiler alerts, and I don’t want that for this talented author. What I DO want is the sequel!…” (Amazon Reviewer)

“I expected to zip through this book for young readers without getting caught up. I reckoned without the storytelling mastery of Paul Dorset. Ryann is a survivor, subjected to horrific abuse and growing strong and determined. Her adventures are compelling and believable. I did read the book on one sitting and then gasped. The ending left me wanting the next book. That’s good writing.” (Amazon Reviewer)

“Ryann, a novella by Paul Dorset, is a short but nicely complicated story of servitude and capacity for good and evil to co-exist. I want more of this series since I want to learn what the author has planned for Ryann.

Some violence in this novel is delivered softly by the author and is left to the imagination of the reader as to how it actually plays out. The tale of the son and father at odds with each other is even more complicated when we learn the family secret.

Happily awaiting more from this series.” (Amazon Reviewer)

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