Pope Francis loves Assisi. Wonderful places in Italy

Pope Francis loves Assisi. Wonderful places in Italy

Pope Francis loves Assisi in Orvieto and he was happy there several weeks ago. This beautiful place was the village of St. Francis and one of the jewels of Umbria, Italy. If you have the chance, visit Assisi. It’s worth!


St Francis church. Photo attribution Jim Linwood

Assisi is a place of pilgrimage for animal-lovers and Christians the world over because St Francis was born there in 1182 and his body lies in the crypt of his church…, and what a church! The upper floors are lined with medieval frescoes by artist Giotto, one of the fathers of the Renaissance.

Assisi heart has still a medieval atmosphere, but you can also see the Roman ruins and the hilltop fortress and enjoy its wines and food.

Anyway, the highpoint of any visit to Orvieto is its wonderful Gothic cathedral. Oversized for such a small town, its facade shines with golden mosaics and incredible statues. Inside, you can admire a famous fresco cycle by Luca Signorelli. Everything is art! Everything is full of St. Francis spirit! No surprise, the Pope loves Assisi.

Your next trip could be there!

“Human rights are not only violated by terrorism, repression or assassination, but also by unfair economic structures that creates huge inequalities.” Pope Francis.

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