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D Drops – Unique, Pure Vitamin D Product for Babies, Children, Mums and Adults Arrives in the UK

D Drops – Unique, Pure Vitamin D Product for Babies, Children, Mums and Adults Arrives in the UK
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D Drops - Unique, Pure Vitamin D Product for Babies, Children, Mums and Adults Arrives in the UK

D Drops – Unique, Pure Vitamin D Product for Babies, Children, Mums and Adults Arrives in the UK

British summertime is nearly at an end and as shorter, winter days loom, the lack of sunshine and use of sunscreens can take its toll on us and our children. Evidence exists that the grey days and longer nights ahead are putting us at a higher risk of developing a vitamin D deficiency, in particular children who are spending more time indoors, at school and at home, and less time playing outside.

Just 10% of the recommended daily levels of vitamin D a child needs comes from their diet and the Department of Health guidelines recommend that pregnant, breast feeding women and all young children, including babies aged six months to five years should be taking a Vitamin D supplement to boost their intake.

A new very comprehensive vitamin D guide is now published by the RCPCH (Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health) with vitamin D recommendations for all UK children from birth onwards1. Many associations are now looking more closely at vitamin D guidelines. Top quality vitamin D only products are clearly a need here in the UK! Ddrops®, a vitamin D range, offering just pure vitamin D in liquid form is now on sale at Boots ( and Baby Ddrops® Mini 7.5 ug provides just the right amount of vitamin D as recommended by the RCCPCH and the NHS for infants and children in just one drop. Ddrops® has already sold over 100 million doses in North America and is aimed at giving adults, mums, babies and children a simple, safe and fun way to get their daily dose of this vital vitamin simply in just one drop a day.

Sunshine is the main natural source of vitamin D and is made naturally by the body when skin is exposed to the sun. It contributes to healthy, strong bones and keeping childhood diseases like rickets at bay. Becoming vitamin D deficient in early life can lead to a greater risk of developing more serious health conditions in the future, experts warn. Covering up children and babies in protective clothing and high factor sunscreen amidst skin cancer concerns has added to the problem, preventing children from getting the vitamin D boost they need when the sun does shine and building up enough of a reserve to last them throughout the winter months1.

For children and babies Ddrops® is a unique range of pure vitamin D drops designed specifically for children and babies. Dubbed the new ‘sunshine vitamin in just one drop’, just one purified drop each day of Baby Ddrops® Mini can be licked off any clean surface such as a spoon, fingertip, or directly from a mum’s breast. This one drop provides the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of 7-8.5μg of vitamin D without any other chemicals or additives. It can also be dropped onto food or into liquids once babies are old enough and eating solid foods. The award-winning Ddrops® are clear, tasteless and odourless! They contain no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours, and are free from wheat, gluten, soy, corn, sugar, milk and peanuts.

For Mums and Adults The range also includes Mum’s Ddrops®, delivering the recommended daily dose of 10μg vitamin D in the same one-drop formula and aimed at pregnant women who become vitamin D deficient and breastfeeding mums (breast milk delivers just 10% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D). There’s also a higher strength for adults who are deficient for many reasons including lack of sunshine and chronic illness, and whom the Department of Health also recommends should be taking a daily supplement. Just one drop is all it takes, without the worry of pills, capsules or messy medicine droppers.

In the developing world where we are struggling with vitamin D due to less people working outside, more time spent in offices and factories or commuting in trains, cars and buses, with far less time spent directly in the sun. Even the small numbers of foods that contain vitamin D such as fish oils, oily fish, cheese, beef and eggs and fortified cereals often get overlooked as people mistakenly cut them from their diet thinking they are fattening or ‘bad for you’ foods.

Ddrops® were originally developed in Canada in response to a need for a better way to provide vitamin D to Canadians. This is the one vitamin most often lacking amongst this part of the world because they live further from the Equator and have less chance of getting their optimum levels of vitamin D from the sun. Over 100 million Ddrop doses have been sold in North America to date.

Baby Ddrops® Mini is a new vitamin D only supplement here in the UK. Vitamin D supplements are recommended by the RCPCH (Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health) whose initial report into vitamin D deficiency2 was issued at the end of 2012 and an updated guide has just been released. The launch also follows a letter sent last year to healthcare practitioners from the UK’s Chief Medical Officers raising awareness of vitamin D deficiency and recommending supplements for ‘at risk’ groups.

Whilst bone development and the risk of rickets are key to children, scientists believe that vitamin D may also help in the prevention of many other diseases, provide other health benefits such as immunity and low levels of vitamin D have been associated with a range of chronic diseases including osteoporosis. Keeping levels adequate in childhood may help prevent the onset of these more serious health conditions in the future.

Comment from Susan Jankus – Ddrops. “As more research surfaces about the benefits of vitamin D, we see a trend towards consumers looking for just vitamin D in a simple, safe and easy drop. People are more health conscious than ever, and looking for pure and simple products for their family. We are pleased that the Royal College has identified Baby Ddrops® Mini as an option for this important need for infants and children.”

Ddrops® is now available from larger Boots stores nationwide and Ddrops® products are reasonably priced at £9.99 for a 2-3 month supply.

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