Classic English Style wins out over British eccentricity as Kate Middleton Top List of Enviable U.K. Homes

Classic English Style wins out over British eccentricity as Kate Middleton Top List of Enviable U.K. Homes
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15% of Brits envy Kate’s home style. 11% are intrigued by Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton’s home. 5% believe Simon Cowell’s home has the X Factor

Classic English Style wins out over British eccentricity as Kate Middleton Top List of Enviable U.K. Homes

Canada Day. Welcome Kate Middleton. Source: flickr. Author: Pat Pilon

Nosey Brits have voted new Royal mum, the Duchess of Cambridge, the person whose home we would most like to take a peak around. Known for her immaculately turned out look, 15% envy her home sense, believing it to be a reflection of her relaxed style with everything in its rightful place, according to a survey of more than 3,000 people by homeware-for-less retailer HomeSense.

The top celebrity homes Brits would most like to take a look around are:

1. Duchess of Cambridge
2. Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton
3. Victoria and David Beckham
4. Stella McCartney
5. Elton John
6. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
7. Lewis Hamilton
8. Simon Cowell
9. Holly Willoughby
10. Cheryl Cole

Topping the list with 15% of the vote, Princess Catherine is likely to be a fan of luxurious quality pieces such as soft cashmere throws, pillows and cushions. Thought of as a Comforter, whose primary sense of style is touch, and with a newborn baby to look after, the Duchess of Cambridge would want to create a cosy haven with lots of calming lighting.

In second place is Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton, with over one in ten (11%) intrigued by the home style of the odd couple of the movie world. Known for their eccentric nature, the pair are considered Conversationalists, with sound being their preferred sense. Echoing their personalities, their home is likely to be buzzy, full of noise, and littered with chintzy trinkets and big statement items.

Completing the top three are Victoria and David Beckham, whose Visionary style was appreciated by 8% of respondents. With a keen eye for fashion and style, it’s no surprise that sight is thought to be their primary sense with mirrors, artwork and picture frames likely to play a dominant role in the décor of Beckingham Palace. The couple’s signature chic look could be achieved by carefully chosen accent pieces such as bold lampshades and colourful cushions.

Charting eighth in the list, first time father-to-be Simon Cowell’s home style is admired by one in twenty Brits. As an Entertainer, the pop guru’s sense seems to be triggered by taste, making for a home designed for extravagant entertaining and a fondness for dining accessories and cookware collected from all over the globe. Cowell’s former protégé Cheryl Cole completes the top ten with what’s thought to be an Atmospheric home style, centring on smell. The songstress is believed to have everything from exotic incense sticks and scented candles to baking aromas and fragrant finds perfuming her palace.

Despite nosey Brits turning to celebrities for interior inspiration, the research found that only 14% love the interior of their home. A massive seven in ten people polled agreed that a cosy and comforting haven equates to a happy home. Whilst one in six men believes that a tidy home with everything in its place is a happy one, compared to an eighth of females, proving that men aren’t as messy as we all believe.

One third of Brits say their homes are mainly accessorised with interesting things they have gathered on their travels, with this interior passion most popular amongst those aged 55 years and over, whose higher disposable income allows them more worldly freedom. 16-24 year olds prefer to accessorise their homes with pictures of family and friends, with 40% partial to displaying mementos of their loved ones to ease what is likely to be their first time living away from their childhood home.

Spokesperson for HomeSense, Helen Gunter says, “It’s interesting to see such a diverse mix of names make our top ten, each with their own individual sense of style confidence that we imagine they bring to their homes. With the recent birth of the royal baby, we’re not surprised that English rose Kate Middleton tops the list, or that Helena Bonham Carter also rates highly as we all love a bit of British eccentricity.

With such a broad and eclectic range of styles, from ‘comforters’ to ‘conversationalists’, we’re a nation who loves to express our personalities in our homes. Through the Sensology App, we wanted to show how easy it is to pick up unique and inexpensive accent pieces that set off a living environment and ensure we stamp our own individual style on our homes.”

To find out which celebrity home sense you’re closest to and your own individual style go to Facebook.com/myhomesense.

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