Human Rights 2013. Artist Natalia Gromicho in Italy representing Portugal

Human Rights 2013. Artist Natalia Gromicho in Italy representing Portugal
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Migrants # 2013 -HR is an international exhibition that brings together artists from around the world in the city of Rovereto in Italy. Natáli Gromicho will represent her country in this exhibition about the theme of migration. September 28 to January 6 2014. Curated by Roberto Ronca.


Human Rights 2013. Artist Natalia Gromicho in Italy representing Portugal

About Human Rights 2013.
‘HUMAN RIGHTS?’ is the international art exhibition that has a big success in tis four editions. The first edition was held in Real Sito Belvedere di San Leucio a Caserta in 2009. The other editions were held in Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti of Rovereto (Tn) and the last one, in 2012, was in a double edition, in Acaya Castle in Lecce in spring and in Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti in autumn.

‘HUMAN RIGHTS?’ #MIGRANTES is a special edition, inside the context of Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti, and the goal is to support and to promote the hospitality and sharing culture.

Artists of whole world will be selected, having in this way several point of view and better understand how other people live this situation, that is a trouble and also a great resource.

During the event will be organized conferences about human rights, immigration and the problems associated with it, on the theme of hospitality and solidarity. The exhibition will be animated through performances by international artists, action paintings, meetings with artists that will be available to talk about their works. During the evenings will be organized inaugural artistic performance.

During the exhibition Spazio-­‐Tempo Arte will organize guided tours for groups of visitors and school groups.

About Natália Gromicho
Natália Gromicho was born in Lisbon, Portugal. Graduating in Belas Artes from the Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa, she specialized in painting. Studying Arts and Crafts, including ceramics, the Portuguese painter, also graduated from the private ArCo School of Art in Lisbon, where she undertook Intensive Painting. Natalia has additionally, specialized in sculpture with the collaboration of Cuban artist, Hans Varela, undertaking several painting workshops. More than 50 solo and group exhibitions, sold artworks for many countries, like Portugal, Brazil, Spain, United States, UK, France, Italy, Holland and Australia. Winner of several contests for exemple “Best Rolling Stone Alternative Logo” for Major Portuguese Radio Comercial in 1999 (win a trip to London and meet Rolling Stones in Bridges to Babylon Tour in Wembley. Her works is represented in several private and institutional collections all around the world.

“I find Natalia Gromicho ́s work very interesting, an expressionist style in which figuration and abstraction merge. Colour and shape appear in most of her works, but also as a form of surrealism to show an incoherent reality, which is also present in her pictorial works. Gromicho, through the human figure, aims to teach the concerns, issues and reflections which happen to every human being in their immediate surroundings. They are not always pleasant scenes, as the appearing protagonists, at some point show hostile and aggressive postures. In contrast, if we look at the primal position, the Portuguese artist has an attitude more expectant, as though, the animals are observing our movements. The colour indicates the intangibility of their proposals, since they are not real shades at all, but rather appeal more to the expressionist idea of colour, from which the most intimate feelings are reflected in all its magnitude. Also, the female nudes, who star in some of her works, are more reminiscent of the mannequins we see in a fashion showcase, not animated beings, approaching the metaphysical world of De Chirico or surreal Wifredo Lam. The chrome background with primary hues, are balanced against the white of naked bodies, indicating that the artist is more interested in protecting the most intimate aspects of human beings.

As for the part where abstraction takes preference, we see the real Natalia Gromicho, in her most raw state, because her intention is to express herself with the most freedom, without too many considerations and ensuring that her proposals comply more with a European, expressionist style, rather than to action painting.
In conclusion, Natalia Gromicho, has cemented a firm value in the European art scene with a strong and consistent presence, which indicates a great professionalism, as does her varied exhibitions held throughout Europe, as well as in other continents”
Ramon Casalé – AICA.

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