Hong Kong Exhibitions. The Imperfect Circle at Osage Gallery

Hong Kong Exhibitions. The Imperfect Circle at Osage Gallery
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Hong Kong Exhibitions. The Imperfect Circle by AMA, Au Hoi Lam, Carmen Ho, Vivian Poon, Tsang Chui Mei and Wong Wai Yin. Organized by Osage Gallery.

Sigma Square is an interdisciplinary platform aiming to instigate social progression and organic development through art. In September Sigma Square will present two concurrent events at Osage Kwun Tong: The Imperfect Circle, an Osage Gallery exhibition featuring six Hong Kong artists, which revolves around the theme of imperfection, and contemplates on the allegorical nuances of the circular form; and Sigma Projects: “X” Marks The Spot, a two-night event featuring six designers, who challenge contemporary consumption framework through creative design and interactive activities, to probe into the self-sustainability of a business model stemming from cross-disciplinary art forms.


AMA The Labyrinth (sketch). Courtesy of the artist.

Six contemporary female artists, six intimate partners, six soliloquies of the allegorical nuances of the imperfect circular form.

Exhibition Date: 31 Aug – 30 Sep, 2013.

Opening Reception: 31 Aug (Sat) 5-10pm.

Venue: Osage Kwun Tong.

Opening hours: Daily from 10:30am to 7pm.

The curatorial statement (excerpt).

What is an “imperfect circle”? The Imperfect Circle seeks to explore the matter from a more felicitous approach. Consider these queries: Is an imperfect circle observable? When is a circle imperfect? Is there an end and a beginning to an imperfect circle? Where can we find an imperfect circle? How does it feel to be situated within an imperfect circle? Who is experiencing the imperfect circle? What can we do in an imperfect circle?

If an imperfect circle signifies all the possibilities outside the absolute of perfection, how shall it manifest its enthralling extensiveness, and its palpable beauty entailed by this “imperfectness”, through all of its complexities? In The Imperfect Circle, AMA, Au Hoi Lam, Carmen Ho, Vivian Poon, Tsang Chui Mei and Wong Wai Yin will exhibit an array of works in different media including paintings, digital images, sound and site specific installations, and kinetic sculptures, to evince their reflections and insights into the imperfect circular form.


Carmen Ho Mother(part). Courtesy of the artist.

About the artists

AMA is a visual artist and singer-song writer. She graduated from Fine Arts Department at The CUHK in 2004. Through painting and music, she reveals the inner-landscape of her subconscious in metaphorical and symbolic images, from which the intricate layers of the human soul is revealed.

Au Hoi Lam graduated from CUHK (MFA 2004; MPhil in Philosophy 2009). Through her artistic creations, she ruminates over her life experiences, not necessarily to express herself eloquently.

Carmen Ho obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from CUHK in 2005. Majority of her works in the past are paintings; in recent years she started to work in installation and mixed media. The main themes of her works are explorations of the relationships among human beings, nature and city, and the different stages of life.

Vivian Poon graduated from the Fine Arts Department at CUHK in 2005. She works primarily in painting, of variable themes and in clean, minimal style. Art to her is a way of thinking other than the language logic.

Tsang Chui Mei obtained her Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Fine Arts from the Fine Arts Department of CUHK in 1996 and 2004 respectively. Her paintings tend to be lyrical, expressing in ways from the obvious to the metaphorical, as means to give bursts to her emotions, subjective and inexplicable in language.

Wong Wai Yin received her BFA degree from CUHK in 2004 and MFA degree from University of Leeds in the UK in 2005. Her work spans across many disciplines, including painting, sculpture, collage, photography and installation.


Vivian Poon Drawing #4 (detail). Courtesy of the artist.

AMA The Labyrinth (sketch)

“I want to come clean with myself. Face my demons and seek salvation for the sins I’ve committed….”

Vivian Poon Drawing #4 (detail)

“People followed a beaten track through the forest, the ring-shaped path leaded back to where it began.”

Carmen Ho Mother(part)

“Changing is the constant truth of the universe. The Universe is changing, so is the society and the human mind. I wish to look into how human beings reflect upon the meaning of life in these changing times.”

An experimental art mall concept. Sigma Projects: “X” Marks the Spot. By Sceroz Chan, Carrie Chi, Carmen Ho, Anson Suen, Max Tsoi and Joseph Yiu.

Dates: 31 Aug & 1 Sep(Sat & Sun).

Time: 5:00 – 10:00pm.

Venue: Osage Kwun Tong.

Sigma Square is presenting a social experiment on the fusion of art and consumption. Six designers collectively envision a hybrid model for the commercial mall, fusing it with art and culture. Sceroz Chan, Carrie Chi, Carmen Ho, Anson Suen, Max Tsoi and Joseph Yiu will together present a prototype of the “art mall of the 21st century”. The designers will be selling sarcastic, humorous, and unconventional“products”in their booths, which are as innovative as they are conceptually reflective. They seek to broaden the discourse of the now developing model of art-buying and selling, and to stimulate audience to rethink our current buying habits. Through a reproach of the current consumer culture and new experimentations, the group aim to precipitate an open dialogue for the potential new model of sustaining art and achieving art and business symbiosis.


Sigma Square logo

About Osage Gallery

Founded in 2004 and operating spaces in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore, Osage Gallery has established itself as a major interdisciplinary platform for exhibiting and promoting the field of Asian and international contemporary arts. Regularly exhibiting work by artists from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand as well as international artists of Asian descent, Osage looks to explore the cultural and artistic relationships between different regions of Asia as well as Asia’s connection to the rest of the world.

Osage Gallery is part of the Osage Group encompassing the Osage Art Foundation, Osage Art Consultancy and Osage Design. Please visit for more information.

About Osage Art Foundation

The Osage Art Foundation (OAF), established in 2004, works in the areas of cultural exchange, educational outreach and the building of knowledge. Since 2005, OAF has been promoting cross-cultural understanding through art exhibitions between Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, Myanmar and Thailand. OAF exhibitions develop from substantial research, aim to make strong statements about significant as well as emerging artists, and to provide regional platforms for innovative curatorial perspectives. Meanwhile, OAF supports and encourages the local art development by art educational projects, share art with the community and make it an important role in daily life. Even today, while the arts from Asia have become increasingly visible both within this part of the world, and globally, the exchanges between artists in Asia are too often mediated by global centres in Europe and North America. OAF recognizes that more needs to be done to develop the cultural conversations happening within Asia. Please visit for more information.

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