Top Games on Facebook: Farmville, Mafia Wars, Candy Crush…

Top Games on Facebook: Farmville, Mafia Wars, Candy Crush…
Ignacio Zara

These are our Top Games on Facebook, the popular Social Network.

Top 8 Games on Facebook Farmville, Mafia Wars, Candy Crush...

Top 8 Games on Facebook Farmville, developed by Zynga

FarmVille 2. According to Zynga, developer of the game “FarmVille 2 is the best free online social game that allows you to become immersed in a vibrant 3D countryside where everything comes alive and reacts to every touch. You’ll meet a variety of interesting characters and be able to play with friends as on a nostalgic journey to restore your childhood farm. Create, personalize and run your own farm where the crops they grow feed a variety of animals that provide resources for crafting. “

Mafia Wars. Also developed by Zynga, this is a very interesting game. You can go to places like New York, Cuba, Moscow, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Italy, and Paris. “Mafia Wars allows players to build their virtual criminal empires by collaborating with their friends to complete crime jobs, fight and rob other Mafia crews, run underground businesses and purchase criminal must-haves like weapons and getaway cars.”

CityVille. Also launched by Zynga (the company is truly the king of FB games). Very addictive. “CityVille is the largest game on Facebook by monthly active users, according to AppData. In CityVille, our players build the city of their dreams. Players can build homes, businesses, famous landmarks and public buildings to grow their city. In addition, players can socialize within cities with their family and friends by asking them to help by working in community buildings, such as police departments, or by building franchises, such as toy stores. CityVille surpassed 61 million MAUs within the first 50 days after launch”

Texas HoldEm Poker (also called Zynga Poker). If you like poker, don’t miss this game. Is it necessary I tell you the developer? Play for free championships and various types of poker games. “Zynga Poker was our first social game and is the largest free-to-play online poker game in the world. Players have the option to play at any table, meet new people from around the world or join friends for a game, choosing from casual Hold ‘Em tables”

Candy Crush Saga. If you like puzzles, don’t miss the popular puzzle game developed by Actually, I must confess that I am an addict to Candy Crush Saga. “Welcome to the Candy Shop! Which one is your favourite? Crush candy to create special sweets such as striped candy, wrapped candy and rainbow candy. Combine these specials to create spectacular effects such as Super Stripe and Mega-Candy.”

Bubble Speed. Addictive and fast, a very funny game to spend –and waste sometimes- your time. “Dive into the deep for a fun adventure! Speed is the name of THIS game: form groups of 3 or more like colored bubbles and collect as many points before the timer runs out!”

BuddyPoke. Create and customize your character and enter in a new social world.

Pet Society:  If you like pets, don’t miss this game. “Pet Society was a social Internet game developed by Playfish that can be played on Facebook. The game has ranked as one of the most popular Facebook applications. Players design their pets by choosing genders, names, colors and altering appearances.”

There are thousands of games on Facebook. What’s your favourite? Have fun, dear Yareah friends.

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