New Delhi exhibitions. Emerging Indian artist at Vadehra Art Gallery

New Delhi exhibitions. Emerging Indian artist at Vadehra Art Gallery
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New Delhi exhibitions. Emerging Indian artist at Vadehra Art Gallery. Solo show of Charmi Gada Shah and Sujith SN. Until 12 September 2013. Gallery timing: 11 am – 7 pm, Mon – Sat.


New Delhi exhibitions. Emerging Indian artist at Vadehra Art Gallery. Sujith SN artwork.

Vadehra Art Gallery is pleased open the new season with the solo exhibitions of Charmi Gada Shah and Sujith SN. This exhibition is presented as part of the Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art’s (FICA) Emerging Artist Award 2011 which was shared by Charmi and Sujith.

Charmi Gada Shah’s exhibition titled Neighbourhood Souvenirs includes works which could be defined as ‘architectural sculptures’, carefully constructed with salvaged wood and tiles from different demolished buildings in her neighbourhood, combined with construction materials such as concrete blocks and plaster. Starting with photographic documentation of demolished structures in her Mumbai neighbourhood, Charmi re-constructs these broken interiors in a painstakingly detailed fashion into three-dimensional, miniature, assemblages that resonate with stories of untold pasts. Her works speak of lost places – houses stripped of their meaning and associations with the inhabitants having moved out, buildings fallen to disuse, or some abandoned. Each of these spaces retains traces of history; they are souvenirs of yet another neighbourhood that is neither significant nor spectacular; places that will be forgotten only too soon.

Charmi Gada Shah is a Mumbai-based artist. She completed her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Raheja School of Art, Mumbai, and went on to doing her Masters in Fine Arts from Chelsea School of Art, London. She was the recipient of the Promising Artist Award from Art India and India Habitat Centre in 2009. Some of the important exhibitions she has participated in include Relative Visa, Bodhi Art Gallery, curated by Bose Krishnamachari (2009), Her Work Is Never Done, Gallery BMB (2010), and most recently Prague Biennale 5 – India Pavilion curated by Kanchi Mehta (2011), and Generation in Transition- New art from India, Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, curated by Magda Kardasz (2011).

Sujith SN’s exhibition of watercolours titled Psalms of an Invisible River speaks in a tongue of Holbeinesque metaphors and meanings. The large format works on paper present a world that is both poetic and apocalyptic, and sets the stage for narratives on humanity’s relationship with the world and its various other inhabitants. The invisible river from the tile could be any of the hundreds of rivers running through Indian cities which have been forgotten, misused and hidden under the forest of buildings. They also double as metaphors of people and lives which go unseen amidst the daily humdrum of urban chaos. Sujith’s rendering of space and atmosphere, and the pervading twilight that his landscapes are suspended in, echoes the double-edged character of development.

Sujith SN works out of Mumbai and Kerala. He received his BFA from College of Fine Art, Thrissur, and MFA from Sarojini Naidu School of Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad. Important exhibitions he has participated in the past include Open-eyed Dreams 8 Durbar hall, Kochi, 2007, Relative Visa, curated by Bose Krishnamachari at Bodhi Gallery, 2008, The Indian Sub-Way, curated by Yashodhara Dalmia at Grosvenor Vadehra, London, 2010, and, Skoda Prize 20, 2011-2012. His previous solo exhibitions were The Map is not the Territory, Latitude 28, 2010, and The City and The Tower, Sakshi Gallery, 2008.


New Delhi exhibitions. Emerging Indian artist at Vadehra Art Gallery. Charmi Gada Shah artwork

The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art is a non-profit organization that aims to broaden the audience for contemporary Indian art, enhance opportunities for artists and scholars, and establish a continuous dialogue between the arts and the public through education and engagement with art institutions. FICA is committed to generating greater art philanthropy in India and offers annual awards, grants and fellowships for Indian artists, creative practitioners and researchers in the field of visual arts. Through collaborations with international arts and research organizations, FICA provides opportunities for professionals in the field to share, develop and extend their practice and network with an extended community globally.

The Emerging Artist Award was initiated in 2007 and it seeks to promote young artists studying or practicing in India, who demonstrate extraordinary skill and promise in the visual arts.

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