Best Cruises. The World, the most luxurious ship

Best Cruises. The World, the most luxurious ship
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Summer 2013. Best Cruises. The World, the most luxurious and expensive ship is docked in La Coruña, Spain. What do you know about it?


The World or the “ship of millionaires” was built in 2002 by Norwegian designers Petter Yran and Bjorn Storbraaten and it had an estimated cost of $300 million.

Passengers are an average age of 52 and they are from the United States and Europe, but also from Australia and several countries of Asia.

The World has 165 private apartments. Each apartment costs from one to six million excluding relocation expenses and maintenance. Also, you can rent: $1,000 – 4,000 a day.

About 200 people travel on this luxurious ship, not counting the crew of 260 sailors. Passengers can get on and off at any port and visit the cities. Usually, the ship is docked during 3 days.

The spectacular plan is a constant travel around the world, seasoned with visits to the most luxurious shops, tennis matches and massages at the spa.

The ship also offers personalized tours in each destination and it even organizes cultural events with renowned local artists and special guests.

The itinerary around the world is elected by the residents who spend, on average, four months a year aboard “The World”.

Today is in La Coruña, Spain, next week… only they know.

Have a nice day, Yareah friends.


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