Sexy Men. Steven R. McQueen in The Vampire Diaries

Sexy Men. Steven R. McQueen in The Vampire Diaries
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Steven R. McQueen has been chosen Yareah sexy man of today. He is handsome and a great actor and model. Don’t you love him?


Steven R. McQueen at the 2012 Comic-Con in San Diego. Photo by Gage Skidmore

Steven was born in 1988 in Los Angeles. His family is full of actors and actresses and he uses the name ‘Steven R. McQueen’, where the ‘R’ is referring to his mother surname: Robitaille.

His career started in 2005, when he debuted appearing in an episode of the short lived Sci-Fi CBS TV series Threshold. Afterwards, he kept on appearing on TV shows: Without a Trace, CSI: Miami, Numb3rs and Everwood.

In 2006, he won Best Male Performance Beverly Hills Film Festival Award for his work in Club Soda.

Thus, Steven R McQueen first film role was in 2008, playing the villainous role of Derek Beauguard on the Disney Channel Original Movie Minutemen.

In 2009, Steven R. McQueen was cast as the role of the insubordinate Jeremy Gilbert on The CW supernatural drama TV series The Vampire Diaries. The Vampire Diaries is based on the books of the same title and from the beginning, this TV series and Steven role were a great success and have been acclaimed from critics as the series has been progressed.

Furthermore, Steven starred as the protagonist of the 3D Horror Comedy film Piranha 3D. Wonderful!

Definitely, a young sexy actor with a great future.

Congratulations Steve!

Enjoy your Sunday, Yareah friends. Art is everywhere!

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