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Ancient Egyptian Cuisine. Diet Drinks Habits and Video

Ancient Egyptian Cuisine. Diet Drinks Habits and Video
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Ancient Egyptian Cuisine on Yareah Magazine: products, habits and video. Enjoy your day, Yareah friends!


Ancient Egyptian Cuisine. Diet Drinks Habits and Video on Yareah Magazine

Bread and Beer were the basis of Egyptian cuisine during more than 5,000 years. Pharaohs loved beer and we can see them drinking beer in tomb paintings and stone reliefs. No doubt, they wanted to keep on drinking beer in their afterlife.

But beer was not an expensive product. Made of barley, it was a popular drink. Workers of the pyramids drank beer and even slaves and children.

Bread (buns or cakes) was other popular product shared that everybody ate, from farmers to noble families. Same happened with the typical fishes of the river Nile. Little fishes (no more than 15 kilos) since the enormous current perches or flying tiger fishes didn’t exist then and they didn’t eat crocodiles (sacred animals).

Honey and Royal Jelly have been abundantly found in the treasures of the pyramids. Of course, everybody ate fruits and legumes. The most common fruits were dates, figs, grapes, dom palm nuts (eaten raw or steeped to make juice), certain species of Mimusops, and nabk berries. Legumes included peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas. Vegetables were not very common. Only asparagus, artichokes, zucchinis, eggplants garlic and lots of onions.

The excavations of the workers village at Giza have revealed pottery containers imported from the Middle East. They were used to store olive oil: from the 4th Dynasty.

They ate three times a day. A frugal breakfast, something for lunch and a big dinner. Dinner was different from rich families. In old times they ate big animals, even lion and above all, beef. In Cleopatra times every kind of imported products and drank wine from Italy and Spain. Dinner lasted long, with shows and music. Poor families ate little meat: poultry, partridge, quail, pigeon, ducks and geese, although they used to celebrate dinners too.

A happy people! We still are fascinated by this culture.

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  • i’ve always been fascinated with the ancient egyptian culture…totally fascinated – and have had a deep abiding affinity w/the pyramids all my life…perhaps i was egyptian in another life…thanks for this interesting article…oh, and pass the beer, please… 🙂

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