Bergamo exhibitions. A Journey Through the Myths by Enzo Marazzi

Bergamo exhibitions. A Journey Through the Myths by Enzo Marazzi
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Bergamo exhibitions. A Journey Through the Myths by Enzo Marazzi. Opening on June 28 2013. From July 6 and can be visited every Saturday evening until h. 24.00.

“Oracles and Sibille” a solo exhibition of the sculptor Enzo Marazzi will be held at the Civic Archaeological Museum of Bergamo. The exhibition is associated with the “Museums Open Nights”.


Dodona by Enzo Marazzi. Courtesy of Civic Archaeological Museum of Bergamo

The opening shall be on June 28 at h. 18.00 with a presentation of Ms. Stefania Casini, Director of the Archaeological Museum, and a commentary by Pietro Luca Nicoletti, University of the Studies of Milan.

The exhibition “Oracles and Sibille” is a journey through the myths, an engaging path weaving through the artifacts of archaeological Museum. The sculptures by Enzo Marazzi dialogue with thousands of years of history in a themed exhibition program, in which the works on display, inspired by mythological figures, evoke imaginative feelings. The Oracles of Greek mythology are an excuse to tell the contemporary tensions, and the Sibyls become today’s female icons bearers of truth and knowledge. The sculptures on display are all made of bronze treated in different ways – clear coating, varnishing oven, shiny polishing – in harmony with the message proposed by the artist in each work. The exhibition is introduced by a large work, made of steel wires, which offers a contemporary high relief of the entablatures of Greek temples. The fiery red Oracle of Dodona then follows, succeeded by the Oracle of Oropus, winding like the aurora borealis. The symbol of the exhibition is the Oracle of Delphi – the sacred place to the god Apollo – where the Pythia prophesied with arcane poetic verses.The Sybil is represented by a magical sound sculpture: by a simple touch, the sculpture emits sounds evoking the echo of a never faded voice. Another work is the mysterious shiny Herophile or the white Amalthea, inspired by the Cumaean Sibyl, who Enzo Marazzi morph into the representation of the path of truth. In the itinerary exhibition, between marble steles, the work called Omphalos stands as the navel of the world, which becomes the symbol of birth and freedom of mankind. The exhibition, which also makes use of a video on the procedure of bronze casting, leads the visitor through a path of exploration where the juxtaposition of contemporary works to the historical artifacts and mosaics of the early centuries, creates a magical aura of dream together with the ambient sound effects.

The exhibition “Oracles and Sibille” is held at the Civic Archaeological Museum of Bergamo – piazza Cittadella – from June 29, 2013 to September 22, 2013.

Free Admission. Exhibition hours: Tuesday-Friday h. 9.00 / 12:30 to 14:30 / 18.00. Saturday h. 9.00 / 24.00. Sunday h. 9.00/19.00. Closed on Mondays.

The exhibition will continue at Malba Museum in Buenos Aires

About: Enzo Marazzi was born on 03/08/1949 in Milan, where he lives and works.

During the completion of his classical studies, he attended the Academy of Brera where he met young artists with whom he constitutes the artistic coterie “Linea e colore” in 1968. He produces his first castings in 1969.

While developing his artistic activity, Enzo Marazzi became a lawyer in Milan in 1978, continuing at the same time to focus on both sculpture and his activity as a lawyer. Over time, he was also involved in art criticism and in 2001 he became a journalist.

The material chosen for its sculptures is bronze, which is treated, in turn, with different techniques in light of of the intrinsic characteristics of the work.

Latest personal news: November 2011 “Colorinbronzo” in the Visconti Castle of San Vito in Somma Lombardo – April 2012 “Unconventional Shadows” in Studio C14, Fuorisalone in Milan.

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