Fifty Shades of Grey. Henry Cavill vs Ian Somerhalder in Yareah

Fifty Shades of Grey. Henry Cavill vs Ian Somerhalder in Yareah
Yareah Magazine

Fifty Shades of Grey. Henry Cavill vs. Ian Somerhalder in Yareah Magazine. Much debate on the upcoming movie based on the books by E.L. James.


Fifty Shades of Grey. Henry Cavill vs Ian Somerhalder in Yareah

Fifty Shades of Grey books have been the great literary success of past months. Fifty Shades of Grey next film is supposed to be the big hit movie next year. Everybody is now speaking about the cast (nothing is decided) and specially, about the actor who will play Christian Grey, the protagonist.

Yareah Magazine has been studying the main candidates. Above all, Ian Somerhalder (favorite on the web until now) and Henry Cavill, whose popularity is on the rise.

Both of them are smart and good actors. Both of them could play the role of Christian Grey, the handsome and successful businessman, main character in the scandalous books by E.L. James.

Our results have been clear. Henry Cavill is the winner. Any doubt? Check out our most visited posts last days: Henry Cavill is in the first place, following by Courtney Cox, The Hobbit 2, Sansa Stark… and in eight position, we find Ian Somerhalder.

Maybe opinions are changing and after the recent released of Superman (Man of Steel), Henry Cavill is now a better choice. (Ian Somerhalder is a friendly boy but we imagine he is really angry).

Definitely, bets are still open. Tell us about your choice.

**Henry Cavill was born in 1983 (then, he is 30 years old). He is an English actor, who has appeared in the movies Stardust and Immortals. His fame started after playing the role of Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, on the TV series The Tudors, from 2007 to 2010. In 2013, he played the role of Superman in Man of Steel.

**Ian Somerhalder is an American actor and model. His fame started after playing Boone Carlyle in the TV drama Lost and above all, Damon Salvatore in the TV drama The Vampire Diaries.

Have a nice day, Yareah friends. Art is Everywhere.

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  • Ian Somerhalder is a good option but I prefer Henry Cavill. +1 for Henry Cavill. 😀

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  • Mara

    I definitely prefer Ian Somerhalder! he is my mr Grey

  • Rodrigo

    And my choice is… sorry but I don’t know any of them.

  • maria

    Ian Somerhalder, He is the only reason, i would go and see the movie

  • Catty

    Any of them. Daniel Day Lewis!!!!!!!

  • Hi Rodrigo, you should see The Vampire Diaries, wonderful! or The Tudors, amazing! Then, you can give your opinion and enjoy great performances.

  • Kara Jones

    Ian Somerhalder,perfect!

  • Sarah

    Ian somerhalder is perfect! And he have a glance how Christian Grey

  • Rebechak

    The vampire,Ian Somerhalder much perfect for the movie!

  • Greta

    Ian Sonerhalder is darkness and damned. Perfect!

  • Hayley

    I definetely prefer Ian somerhalder!

  • Matt

    Ian somerhalder!

  • Elijah

    Sonerhalder have a great card to play Christian Grey! Perfect!

  • Aria

    Ian Somerhalder so beautiful and he have a glance damned. So perfect!

  • Hanna

    I hope they choice Ian Somerhalder. He’s absolutly perfect to the role Grey!

  • Isobel sebert

    Ian somerhalder so beautiful and + perfect for a movie

  • Valerie

    I personally would rather Matt Bomer … I think he is PERFECT for Christian Grey!! Yeah Ian & Henry are cute but Ian seems to mean I think he would be better as Jack Hyde & as for Henry he’s okay … But have you seen Matt on White Collar he’s SEXY, smooth with the women & knows how to wear a suit!! =D <33333

  • Kesha flemming

    Ian Somerhalder!!

  • Lucas

    Ian Somerhalder! 🙂

  • Johnny

    I prefer, the vampire,Ian Somerhalder.

  • Amanda stjohn

    Ian Somerhalder,i prefer him! He’s suitable,beautiful and he have a glance damned

  • Claire

    Ian Somerhalder absolutly perfect

  • Kevin


  • Erin

    Somerhalder have right look for to play Christian Grey

  • Nora

    Ian somerhalder absolutly perfect. He ‘s gorgeous and so sexy to die

  • Neiomi

    I prefer the vampire diaries star,Somerhalder!

  • Kim

    Somerhalder all the way!!

  • Jack

    Ian somerhalder only perfect to play Grey

  • Eva


  • Brian

    Somerhalder he’s right for the part Christian Grey

  • Holly

    Somerhalder perfect,gorgeous. He’s perfect!

  • Juliet

    Ian!! Perfect!!

  • Alexa

    Somerhalder only one perfect to the role!

  • clara

    Ian somerhalder absolutly perfect. He ‘s gorgeous and so sexy to die

  • laura

    ian somerhalder all the way…. he is perfect, he and Emilia Clarke are Grey and Anastasia, Henry Cavill is perfect to be Gideon Cross

  • Lynn

    Henry Cavill. There is no doubt about it. This one person that keeps spamming Ian comments on here can carry on because they don’t count. Henry has the look and the talent, and Ian lacks!

  • Carrie

    I was never really sure who I wanted to play CG. I wasn’t too familiar with Henry and I knew I didn’t want Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhalder to play him. But I just saw Man Of Steel and am now OBSESSED with Henry and he is Christian Grey! No doubt about that. All the women in the theatre were so vocal too, we love Henry!

  • Elle

    Henry all the way!!!! If you saw Man of Steel you’d surely know that he is the most perfect man! Perfect for Christian!

  • Elle

    And… the epitome of a gorgeous man! Henry, Henry, Henry!!

  • Jennifer

    Ian Somerhalder is my choice for Christian Grey,he would be the best! Ian is so hot and so sexy. As for the role of Ana I like Emilia Clarke or Alexis Bedel,or Felicity Jones.

  • Karla

    Henry Cavill! He already has a big fanbase for Christian Grey and now it’s growing even more everyday. <3

  • Megan

    Matt Boomer!!!!! Ian and Henry are smart but Matt is sexy!

  • Katie

    Henry Cavill for sure! All us ladies are in awe of him, he’s so gorgeous and sexy!! He is very much the Greek God Ana describes of Christian in the book!

  • Theresa

    No contest. Henry without a doubt hands down . More sexy gorgeous classy and believable.

  • Pat Cares

    Ian Somerholder or Henry Cavill on the VERY TOP of your list..with
    Alexis Bledel (1st pick) or Alexandra Daddario as Ana.

    Later Babes!!!

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