Fifty Shades of Grey. Henry Cavill, the best choice

Fifty Shades of Grey. Henry Cavill, the best choice
Isabel del Rio

Fifty Shades of Grey. Henry Cavill, the best choice! He could be a perfect Christian Grey because ha has a long and serious career.

Yesterday, Yareah Magazine talked about the future protagonist of Fifty Shades of Grey. Different actors have been suggested by Universal to play the handsome successful business man, Christian Grey, main character of the erotic books by E.L. James.

No doubt, our readers prefer Ian Somerhalder. If you have any doubt, read the comments of our post ‘Fifty Shades of Grey, Looking for a Movie Star.’ Here.

However, I like Henry Cavill. Ian Somerhalder could be perfect but Henry Cavill has already demonstrate his ability to tragic situations and to vivid roles in the TV series The Tudors. There, he played the role of Charles Brandon, First Duke of Suffolk. The TV series was a hit and Cavill was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2007 and won an Emmy in 2008. Entertainment Weekly named him ‘Most Dashing Duke’.

Afterwards, in 2009, Woody Allen called him for the comedy film Whatever Works. And everybody knows Woody Allen never calls bad or ordinary actors. Only the best! And he is one of them.

In 2011, Henry Cavill played main roles in Tarsem Singh mythological movie Theseus. And in 2012, he worked in The Cold Light of Day alongside Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver.

On January 30, 2011, it was announced that Henry Cavill had been cast as the next Superman in Man of Steel, directed by Zach Snyder, produced by Christopher Nolan and scripted by David S. Goyer.

A great career of a great actor. I think he would be a perfect Christian Grey.

**Henry Cavill was born on the Bailiwick of Jersey and he was educated at St. Michael Preparatory School in Saint Saviour, Jersey, before attending Stowe School in Buckinghamshire, England.

His interest in acting started at an early age. In fact, being a teenager, he starred and directed Hamlet in 40 Minutes.

It was at the age of seventeen when Henry Cavill was discovered by casting directors at school who were looking for a young boy to play Albert Mondego in The Count of Monte Cristo.

Definitely, a perfect actor for Fifty Shades of Grey.

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  • Yes, I love Henry Cavill. Elegant, handsome, good actor. Perfect for Fifty Shades of Grey. I agree with you Isabel

  • Maybe I prefer Henry Cavill too, or Matt Boomer. But Ian Somerhalder is the favorite on the web. No doubt. Anywway, I want to see the new film of the book Fifty Shades of Grey

  • Anaway, if you have any doubt about Henry Cavill… Look at him http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n53BEdhAFk

  • Cassandra

    YES! He is the best choice. Even Zack Snyder, the director of Man of Steel thinks he should do 50 shades and that he’d be great for the part!

  • lynn

    Ugh those comments about Ian Somerhalder on the other article wasn’t from a bunch of different people, but the same person commenting under different names. They’ve been spamming comment sections for a while now.

    I think we all know that Henry Cavill is THE ONE!

  • Julianne S

    Absolutely! No one compares to Henry. I don’t even see how Ian Somerhalder is a favorite for the role. He is so one-dimensional and only makes one or two faces in every photo he takes and hardly ever smiles with his teeth. He overdoes the “bad boy” image so much that it’s hard to see any other reaction or emotion out of him. Ian doesn’t even have the right body type or physique described of Christian, and he’s too short. Not to mention a bit too old for this role. The only reason he’s so popular for the part is because he’s been so vocal about wanting it, he’s always running his mouth about it, even his little teenaged fans have jumped on board.

    • JJ


      You hit it on the head! Thanks for saying it. I love how some people have admitted that they were on the Matt or Ian band wagon, but now that they have been more exposed to Henry they are changing their minds. Ian is just too desperate about it all. I don’t think we have to worry about him. I’ve never seen anything about anybody other than Henry being the muse. Besides, who would people rather have…a dominant presence like Henry or subs like Ian??

    • amanda

      Ian is the BEST choice for CHristian Grey. Before any talk of the movie and when i read this book when they first came out, he is who i would picture in my head as Christian!

  • Lynn, we know it but It looked funny. Sorry.

    • Lynn

      Ha ha no it’s okay, I agree.

  • Annie D

    I’d love to see Henry as Christian and I do think he’s the best choice as well! You have great taste ;). Henry is so diverse with his roles, Fifty Shades would be no problem for him.

  • Ali

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder

  • Sarah

    I don’t like Henry. I prefer Ian Somerhalder

  • Nicholas

    Henry is it will be man of steel 2 . But i prefer Somerhalder for Christian Grey

  • Hanna

    Nope! I prefer Ian somerhalder

  • Leighton

    I don’t like Cavill . I see well Ian somerhalder for a movie

  • Arielle

    The best choice is Ian Somerhalder to play Christian Grey

  • Kevin

    Absolutly not Cavill for Grey! Somerhalder it’s better

  • Aria

    The character must be beautiful and damned and Henry and do not!
    But Somerhalder yes have this character

  • Ashley

    Henry can do the brother of Christian, Elliot ! And i to see very well for Elliot Grey . But for Christian i see very well, Ian somerhalder

  • Lucy

    Henry for Jake Hyde it’s good choice. But not for Christian.

  • Lauryn

    I agree with Lucy. Henry for Jake Hyde. And Ian somerhalder for Christian Grey

  • Rebechak

    I totally agree with Lucy and Lauryn!

  • Elena

    Me too i agree with Lucy,Lauryn and Rebechak

  • JD

    For Elliot good choice Henry. But not for Christian.

  • Monica

    I prefer Ian somerhalder. But for Jake hyde, henry perfect

  • Marco

    He’s the best choice for Elliot Grey. For Christian it’s better Ian somerhalder

  • Mila

    Henry perfect for Gideon Cross for Crossfire trilogy. Today is the hearing for Crossfire. But for Christian Grey i see good Ian somerhalder

  • Greta

    I agree with Mila!

  • Eva

    I totally agree with Mila and Greta

  • Peyton

    I don’t like him for christian. But i see very well Ian somerhalder

  • Kayla D

    Not! For me Ian somerhalder better for Christian Grey

  • Kathy Hale

    I don’t like him. Look the vampire diaries and you will understand because Ian somerhalder it’s much suitable for Christian Grey

  • Jamie

    We look the vampire diaries and we understand because Ian somerhalder it’s much suitable for Grey

  • Jeremy

    Ian somerhalder it’s better!

  • Evy

    Absolutly not Henry for Christian. But for Jake hyde yes!

  • Hayley

    I agree with Evy. I prefer Ian somerhalder for Christian

  • Alexa

    I prefer always Ian somerhalder for Christian Grey

  • Melissa

    Henry as Gideon Cross! For Christian i prefer Ian somerhalder

  • Larissa

    I agree with Melissa

  • Chuck

    Not! Ian somerhalder perfect for Christian Grey

  • Nathaniel

    Henry go and take the role for Gideon Cross. For Christian Grey it’s very better Ian somerhalder

  • Hilda

    Y no por Christian Grey. Ian somerhalder perfectos por Christian Grey

  • Kara Jones

    Henry Cavill perfect for Elliot Grey. For Christian it’s better Ian Somerhalder

  • Sara L

    OMG someone has way too much time on their hands to be spamming with Ian comments. How annoying!

  • Lindsay

    Henry is definitely Christian! Ian is too old, too short and doesn’t have the right look for Christian.

  • Theresa

    Yes, Henry would be the perfect Christian. He has it all. Ian is not what I picture when I visualize Christian Grey. I’m not certain that Ian has the acting capabilities for the role. He would really have to act to portray a classy elegant suave guy because I don’t see it when I look at him and see him in pictures. Whereas, this is Henry’s naturally sexy classy demeanor.

  • Jennifer A.

    I don’t see Henry Cavill as Christian Grey. His acting is very one note and he’s never stood out in anything he’s previously been in. Superman is huge because of the marketing and hype and the fact that it is ”Superman.” Many actors could have played the role just fine. And the fact that Henry has made less than positive comments recently about Fifty Shades makes me think the whole thing is not his cup of tea. He thought the sex scenes in the book were ”tacky” after admitting to only reading a few excerpts. That doesn’t seem like good form if you’re interested in a role. He comes off devoid of charisma and lacking a certain comfort level that the actor who plays Christian must have.

  • Reading Yareah Magazine… another idea. Why not Kit Harington, main protagonist in GoT? Good actor and also handsome. What do you think?

  • Leslie

    I have to laugh at some of the Cavill fans. Henry was not ”the muse.” Everyone who’s followed from the start knows that Robert Pattinson was Ms. James’ muse for Fifty. And I’m sorry but Henry is the one with very little expression and not much depth to his acting prowess. Even in the Man of Steel reviews I’m seeing comments about him that speak to that. Henry has no expression in his eyes whatsoever. Ian Somerhalder is a very expressive actor. I first saw him in Lost. I had no one in particular in mind when I read the books but after I searched for more FSOG info after reading the books, it was Ian who really caught my eye as Christian in the flesh. He is a devastatingly gorgeous man with the talent to pull off the role. I like that he’s expressed interest, read the trilogy and seems to have a real understanding of the whole story.

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Isabel del Rio

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