Fifty Shades of Grey. Looking for a movie star

Fifty Shades of Grey. Looking for a movie star
Isabel del Rio

Fifty Shades of Grey is looking for a movie star. Alex Pettyfer, Matt Boomer, Chris Pine, Ian Somerhalder, Stephen Amell, Ed Westwick, Alex Skarsgard, Chace Crawford, Henry Cavill or Ryan Gosling. Which actor do you prefer?


Fifty Shades of Grey. Looking for a movie star

In July 2012, it was announced: Fifty Shades of Grey will be on the Big Screen. However, still today, we don’t know who will be the director (Gus Van Sant?) or the cast.

Certainly, we know few things about the future movie based on the erotic books by E.L. James. But the greatest secret is about the protagonist. What actor will they choose?

Christian Grey is a young handsome successful businessman. Last year, Random House increased its sales in $400 million thanks to the great impact of these books full of sex, desire and sadomasochism.

Then, the protagonist of the movie should be chosen carefully. And from Alex Pettyfer (Gus Van Sant favorite actor) to Matt Boomer (protagonist of TV series White Collar), different actors are been studying.

Chris Pine was one of the first candidates, but in recent months other names sound louder.

Ian Somerhalder (protagonist of Vampire Chronicles) is the favorite actor of E.L. James.

Stephen Amell (Arrow) would be another choice. He even had a meeting with Universal but afterwards, he wrote on his facebook wall: ‘I hope they film Fifty Shades of Grey, but not with me.’

Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) is the favorite actor on the web. Maybe because Chuck, the role which made him famous, is very similar to Christian Grey.

Other candidates are: Alex Skarsgard (True Blood), Chace Crawford (Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl), Henry Cavill (current Superman) or Ryan Gosling (Drive).

Definitely, a difficult choice. The books have been a success but also a big scandal. Some critics have written that the books are immoral and some libraries have deleted them from catalogues.

The film will be important, no doubt. But important for its success of its failure. Every is nervous now!

Enjoy your day, Yareah Magazine friends.

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  • I prefer Henry Cavill. I know him for Tudors TV series. Great actor. He would be a perfect Christian Grey. Good piece, Isabel

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  • Sarah

    I prefer Ian somerhalder! He’s beautiful and so sexy to die

  • Greta

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder he’s a good actor and he’s much beautiful

  • Elena

    Ian Somerhalder!

  • Jenn

    The vampire Ian Somerhalder so perfect for a movie!

  • Lexy

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder! He’s a hottest man

  • Viola

    I prefer at 100 % Ian Somerhalder 🙂

  • Joseph red

    Ian Somerhalder

  • Pamela Morgan

    Ian Somerhalder is a perfect Christian Grey!

  • Sara

    Ian Somerhalder i prefer him! And he’s my favourite actor and he’s perfect Christian Grey!

  • Kayla

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder so gorgeous and sexy,perfect for Christian Grey

  • Caroline

    Somerhalder absolutly perfect to play Christian Grey

  • Rebechak

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder he’s a good actor and i think he acting the part very well

  • Melissa

    Ian Somerhalder. He would be a perfect Christian Grey

  • Savanna

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder he’ so perfect to play role Christian Grey

  • Felicity Ewell

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder absolutly perfect for a role. And he’s much hottest guy

  • Hayley

    I prefer Somerhalder he’s good and gorgeous actor! Absolutly perfect to play role CG

  • Serena

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder and i hope he confirme for a role

  • Elijah Wesley

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder. He acting very well. And he’s a good actor.
    Absolutly perfect for a movie 50 shades trilogy

  • Erin Holt

    Matt bomer is out! It was discarded i read on internet. But i prefer Ian Somerhalder

  • Alexa J

    I prefer Somerhalder he’s my favourite actor and he’s already for a movie 50 shades trilogy

  • Sophie Letterman

    The only one perfect for me it’s Ian Somerhalder for a role CG

  • Joanna V

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder. I know him for The vampire diaries series Tv! And he so perfect for a role Grey!

  • Klaus

    Somerhalder! He’s great actor and so damn perfect for a role Christian Grey

  • Laureen Mikaelson

    Stephen Ammel and Matt Bomer are discarded out for a movie! I read in ten site on internet! However i prefer Ian Somerhalder he’s perfect for Grey

  • Jess Accola

    However my opinion for me Ian Somerhalder it’s a perfect Christian Grey

  • Zoey

    Ian Somerhalder is only perfect to play Christian Grey

  • Charlotte

    Ian Somerhalder have the face for play Christian Grey so perfect!

  • Alice Aelson

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder,he so sexy to die,beautiful and he’s HOT perfect for that part in the movie

  • Ashley

    Ian somerhalder is much HOTTEST and i think he’s a only one that will do this part Grey in this movie

  • Andrew D

    Ian Simerhalder, my idol! I want to see him for this trilogy. He’s more adapt for a movie

  • Eva

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder he’s suitable and more adapt for a role

  • Nate

    Somerhalder good actor! I prefer him

  • Phoebe

    I prefer Ian somerhalder he’s already to play this role and he have right glance for do it this part CG

  • katerina

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder is more darker and he have an eyes hypnotich as Christian Grey

  • Marco

    Ian Somerhalder have a great card for play part Christian Grey!

  • Davlyn

    Somerhalder absolutly perfect for play the part Grey

  • Danylo

    Ian Somerhalder great actor and become an great Christian Grey for this trilogy films

  • Damien

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder so perfect for to play a role darkness,secret Christian Grey

  • Stephen

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder! He have look’s Christian

  • Mia Stjohn

    Ammel and Bomer are out! Also i prefer Ian Somerhalder for a movie it’s suitable, more adapt for this important role

  • Nicolle Pierce

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder he’s good choice for play Christian Grey

  • Gideon

    Somerhalder,good actor and i to see him perfect for Christian Grey

  • Mirko

    Ian Somerhalder more perfect for acting Christian Grey

  • Dianna Dobrev

    Ian somerhalder he’s good actor and he would be a perfect Christian Grey

  • Hilda Trazet

    Ian Somerhalder so damn perfect for acting Christian Grey

  • Jeremy

    Ian Somerhalder, good actor,good person. I know him at the Con in Germany and he perfect for the role Christian Grey

  • Evelyn Bennet

    Ian Somerhalder damn perfect Christian Grey

  • Vicky

    For me it’s better for a role Ian Somerhalder 🙂

  • Ronnie

    For me Somerhalder

  • Lyndsy

    Ian Somerhalder, good actor,good model. He’s more beautiful and he have the face as Christian Grey

  • Dalila

    Stephen and Matt are out of the movie. However i prefer Ian Somerhalder. Alex pettyfer perfect for Ethan Kavanaugh

  • Cece

    Ian Somerhalder so damn perfect for Christian Grey. And Chace Crawford perfect for Ethan Kavanaugh

  • Nina

    Ian Somerhalder perfect for Christian Grey. Chace Crawford perfect for Elliot Grey. And Alex Pettyfer perfect for Ethan Kavanaugh

  • Tyler

    Ian Somerhalder perfect Christian Grey. Chris Pyne perfect for Elliot Grey and Alex Pettyfer perfect Ethan Kavanaugh

  • Tasha

    Ian somerhalder perfect for Christian Grey.Ryan Gosling perfect for Elliot Grey. And Chace Crawford perfect for Ethan Kavanaugh

  • Damon

    Ian somerhalder perfect for Christian.Chace Crawford it’s better for him brother,Elliot

  • Evy

    Ian Somerhalder for Christian much choice. Henry cavill i see good for him brother, Elliot. And Alex Pettyfer i see good for Ethan kavanaugh

  • Bonnie

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder for Christian. Ammel i see good for him brother,Elliot. And Ed westwick i see him for Ethan

  • Arielle

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder for secret,darkness, Christian Grey

  • Well, it looks like someone prefers Ian Somerhalder, don’t it?

  • Angela

    astrid bergès- frisbey for ana and matt bomer or Henry Cavill for christian they are all beautiful people and think will capture the charaters

  • Cherill

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder he’s so perfect! He have look’s Christian

  • Quinn

    Absolutly i prefer Ian Somerhalder

  • Hanna

    If you see The vampire diaries understand because Ian Somerhalder is the most suitable for a role.

  • Peyton Jepsen

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder. He i knows how to the part of the beautiful and damned

  • Bradley

    Ian somerhalder because he want the role. And he have that look just to make the male character in the books and in a movie

  • Rebecca

    I prefer Somerhalder because he knows part of darkness and he act very well part the bad and the desired

  • Roisin

    Somerhalder perfect for Christian. Alex Pettyfer perfect for Ethan.
    And Chris pyne perfect for Elliot for me!

  • Darcy

    Somerhalder so perfect for Christian. He’s wonderfull actor and i hope he take the part

  • Alison

    For Christian i see well Ian Somerhalder. Chace crawford perfect for Ethan.

  • Hilda

    Y perfectos por Christian, el vampiro Ian Somerhalder

  • Alesha

    Alexander skarsgard i see well for Elliot Grey. For Christian i see well Ian somerhalder

  • Sofia

    Chace crawford is blonde not look ‘s christian. Ed westwich not! But i see Ed good for Elliot. And Chace more adapt for Ethan. For Christian i see better Ian somerhalder

  • Kesha sebert

    Somerhalder damn perfect for Christian he’s looks and him glance are darkness and beautiful. Perfect!

  • Latisha

    I prefer Ian Somerhalder he’s amazing actor and he’s beautiful and so sexy to die

  • Annabel

    Uhm.. I much like the actor of The vampire diaries, he’s perfect for a role!

  • Brian

    Somerhalder or my sister to kill me! But he like also me as actor.

  • Lucy

    I like so much Ian Somerhalder i hope to see him in the movie

  • Ali

    Somerhalder,great actor and i see him good for Christian!

  • Bored, uh?

  • A

    You can not express their opinion? However, even for me the most suitable it’s Ian somerhalder.

  • Luca

    Not bored. Are their opinion!

  • Linette

    Opnion good! Let’s take a chance for Ian somerhalder! He’s most like and he’s suitable

  • John

    Opinions boring? For me not! put your glasses, try to figure out who the majority wants. However Somerhalder is a good actor and much good for a movie!

  • Scotty

    In one think we can all agree we a fans of Ian that will be a great Grey. But not bored comment. Are theyr opinion!

  • Ivy

    Cosmopolitan magazine is most seriuos how site. Their go a comment in anothers sites!

  • Elisabeth

    So it feel boring our comments we will go in another site to comment. However i also prefer Ian!

  • pirate

    Stephen Amell plsssssssssssssssssssssss

  • pirate

    Stephen Amell plsssssss

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