What Is Art For Me? by Lannah Sawers-Diggins

What Is Art For Me? by Lannah Sawers-Diggins

What Is Art For Me? by Lannah Sawers-Diggins. It’s always a pleasure to think about art and to read about it. Enjoy Lannah reflections and have a nice day, Yareah Magazine friends.

What Is Art For Me? by Lannah Sawers-Diggins

What Is Art For Me? by Lannah Sawers-Diggins

Jolly good question. Art has changed over the years – for me. In my childhood it meant drawing – pure and simple. And I absolutely loved it. I created my own cartoons – I drew people and each had a speech bubble with a little quip. They were more fun than funny, despite my best efforts. The very occasional humorous one was that way by mistake. But they were colourful and innocent. I took art as a subject at secondary school hoping that I might even be able to pass at that subject – even if nothing else. I didn’t pass – but I loved those classes.

In more recent years I have enjoyed drawing animals. When people sent me photos of their beloved pets I would draw them on the front of a card, write any message inside in calligraphy and return it to the owner for a special event, if I knew of any – or just for fun. I absolutely loved doing that.

But then – I discovered writing. Actually, that’s not completely true either. I have always loved writing. Back to my childhood – mine was very lonely. I grew up in isolation – no real friends – I lived on our family sheep station in the outback of South Australia. Through this I developed a very early and deep passion for writing – and had many penfriends around the world. This did not exactly ease my loneliness but it did help fill the hours. This passion has continued throughout my life, to date – although with different people. Then, about five years ago, I awoke one morning with an epiphany! Very long story cut equally short – I suddenly found myself being ‘forced’ to have a book published. Something that I have always wanted to do, but never known how to.

So, to me, many years later, art still does represent itself in its very basic forms – drawing and colouring in. But now, it also represents writing. The sheer beauty of writing and all that can be expressed therein. And through my writing (I now have two published works on the market along with many articles published online) I now use both my journalistic skills along with my photography.

I view art a bit the way I view poetry – the latter always used to mean rhymes – with meaning, but every alternate line rhymed. However, I have been woken up to the beauty of poetry without rhymes too – and it can be equally stunning.

In my current book, yes, absolutely I want to express art – in many different forms. It is focussing on the mighty outback of Australia – on the sheep and cattle stations across my country – on the lives of the people on those properties. It will include many different aspects including the lives generally and ‘daily doings’, education, employment, entertainment, transport, health, shopping, tourism, the Aboriginal element – even the impact of the internet and social media on those people out there. All this, in my eyes, would be considered art – just in many different forms. And the cover design will be superb art, done by a student of the School of the Air via a competition which is being conducted by email – all art. There will also be a lot of photographs included – art again.

Thinking about it – I mean really thinking about it – everything – absolutely everything is a form of art. I could get really deep here but I won’t. Suffice to say that, yup, to me, absolutely everything the world over has a form of beauty, or a story to tell, be it interesting or boring – there is colour, music, food, laughter, crying – it is all a form of art.

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Lannah Sawers-Diggins is a 57 year young Australian who originates from the outback of her country. She is a wife and mum to two adult daughters and while they are her ‘passionate priorities’ she is almost as passionate about writing – along with other things. A published author, she is now also putting her journalism and photography to good use through the research of one of her four current ‘works in progress’. Also a very determined advocate in several causes and does regular media interviews. In short Lannah loves life to an addiction.

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