Cyprus Walk of Fame. Avenue of Stars at Limassol

Cyprus Walk of Fame. Avenue of Stars at Limassol
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Cyprus Walk of Fame (Avenue of Stars at Limassol). Yareah Magazine loves this new big project. Have a nice Tuesday and enjoy these Spring days.

Cyprus Walk of Fame. Avenue of Stars at Limassol

Cyprus Walk of Fame. Avenue of Stars at Limassol

At the end of may in the Municipality of Limassol, was held the first meeting of the working group of the project «Cyprus Walk of Fame» (Avenue of stars). The meeting was attended by the Mayor of Limassol, Andreas Christou, Deputy Mayor Savvas Stouppas, head of Committee for development of tourism and Yiannis Armeftis and producer of the project Stefan Bakh.

The working group considered and adopted the plan of actions to be undertaken to promote this project in Cyprus. Despite the fact that multi-media projects of this scale on the island are still not implemented, the organizers are sure that all the possibilities in order to start the Project this year!

Producer of the Project Stefan Bakh assures that in contrast to the «progenitor» of the Cyprus Avenue of stars – the Hollywood walk of fame, «Cyprus Walk of Fame», has great potential for the opening and successful operation. After all modern means of communication and advertising, the use of television and the Internet allow to carry out a massive and immediate release of information with almost global coverage of audience.

The proposed deployment of a new Grand Project on the waterfront of Molos does not yet have a precise confirmation. Most likely place for the Avenue of stars will be chosen taking into account the already existing historic buildings and new development plans of the city. In any case, in the unanimous opinion of the working group, Avenue of stars, new attraction and a decoration of Limassol.

Stefan Bakh promised in the near future to give us more detailed information on the content of the project «Cyprus Walk of Fame» in Limassol. «We are not going make to simply copy the Hollywood walk. Moreover, we studied the experience of similar projects in other countries, and is it now already more than 50 walk of stars, and find a surprise and please the visitors,» he said at parting: «We invite to cooperation all creative people in Cyprus: artists, sculptors, designers, musicians and active people. Of course, we have a package of proposals for the sponsors. So you are welcome, please write to By the way, the project is international, so we do not make any exception for nationalities, citizenship and place of residence of our future partners. Only one condition to exist, all they must love Cyprus!»

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  • Antria

    They didn’t tell us how much money they gonna spend

  • Dear Antria!
    This project will be developed with the help of non-profit company “CWOF Cyprus Walk of Fame LTD”. Limassol Municipality and city budget will have no costs to support this project.

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