The Obscene Power by Robert Mazzei

The Obscene Power by Robert Mazzei

The Obscene Power, a rebellion of words and thoughts, contrasting with Verse of Love, two poems by Robert Mazzei. Our suggestions for today. Enjoy this Tuesday, Yareah Magazine friends!

The Obscene Power by Robert Mazzei

Lord Townshend by Reynolds

The Obscene Power

the austere lords fiercely come by

down to your knees, they’re worth your eye

oh fine spirits, white visions that save

immanent impressions, sovereigns are grave

high souls in bliss, risen to heaven

revere purity, be their faithful leaven

so when their hands the scepter will shake

we’ll learn the play was villain and fake

angels and demons our nature denies

live by discretion, the rest are but lies

hagiocracy we don’t need any more

as sense we were dealt and brains galore

earth is a mother, good father’s the sky

mysteries and stars there gorgeously ply

they blow up in dust and glow with light

shaking all wonders, blacking the sight

if human forgiveness feels heavy to lift

human is the lot announced in the gift

absence of grime life never creates

abhors mother nature infamous mates

by matter and flesh, by wait and bones

’til claiming the ditch its spoils beckons

all summoned to virtuous harmony

brothers and sisters, oh kind euphony

fate’s or plan’s breed whether it be

either love or beloved disgraced cannot be

author’s sly twists and sophisms by wits

in spite of that greed seems what it fits

plunged within the languid chant

the hidden saint’s still waiting to grant

hence fed by life, wisdom and reason

the soul flies off beyond any prison

of merit and fame you prattle so stark

to human distinction ye rabidly bark

fat heavy rain of shameful power

craven wet kings you’re masters to cower

virtue goes high and ire goes rush

the rascal will die, the rogue will crush

enjoy to refuse, you inane and vile

oh royal descent of very mean style

no wings and no worries, uncaring ye slouch

ay the high spirits see yer feigned vouch

so truth opens out and the being begets

that only light senses, weaves and protects

whilst good widens, heart stirs with mirth

raises the breath, takes love to rebirth

as the Creature won’t live by terror and fear

for brave true freedom will burst out and cheer


Verse of love

Can you remember the fresh clear blue giving itself to everyone?

Veiled behind a mysterious cloud, your old days rest now

inside your eyes with scarlet reactions

I will come to you in the sweetest hour

with a frail strong flower

Now that you are the farthest

The kites are higher

In the opaque sky of a rainy dusk

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  • Mike

    that’s a great piece of poetry!!

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  • Alma

    Wonderful poems!!

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Bob Mazzei, born 1964. He lives in the UK, Spain and Italy due to his profession as an economic analyst and a studious of social sciences. Thanks to his frequent business travels in various countries, he has managed to get in touch with different cultures and appreciate the enormous wealth human kind is provided with. Convinced advocate of the free human community, he hopes that sooner or later the human beings will get rid of the inhuman system of production that creates inequality, legitimates the dominant classes to rule over the subjugated, and forces us all into slavery. Eager reader of poetry and literature since a young boy. Preferred authors are: Greek and Latin Classics, William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Percy B. Shelley, William B. Yeats, William Wordsworth, Pablo Neruda, Charlotte Bronte, Alfonsina Storni, and more contemporary novelists and authors. He publishes his poems at in English and in Italian. Very fond of movies, rock and roll, visual arts, and humor.

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