The Philosophy of Dewey Edward Chester

The Philosophy of Dewey Edward Chester

The Philosophy of Dewey Edward Chester. Truth will not make me rich, but it will make me free!

The Philosophy of Dewey Edward Chester

The University of Pittsburgh’s First Tailback vintage 1966. Courtesy of Dewey Edward Chester

There still remains a wistful remnant of my early wooing of wisdom. In the June of my life I knew golden days, when philosophy was a fact; what Plato calls, “that dear delight”; when love for modestly elusive Truth seemed more glorious, incomparably, than lust for ways of the flesh.

“Life has meaning,” I felt with Browning —– “to find its meaning is my meat and drink.”

But my life became meaningless; a self-cancelling vacillation in futility; I strove against chaos around me and within; I believed there was something vital and significant about me, could I but decipher my own Soul.

I wanted to understand that life would change into light and flame, what I was or met with; I became Mitya in the “Brothers Karamazov” —– “One of those who didn’t want millions, but an answer to his questions”; I wanted to seize the value and perspective of passing things, and pull myself out of the maelstrom of daily circumstance. I wanted to see things as they would seem forever ——- in light of eternity!

I wanted to learn to laugh in the face of the inevitable, to smile at the looming of death. I needed to coordinate my energy by criticizing and harmonizing my desires; for coordinated energy is the last word in ethics and politics, and perhaps in logic and metaphysics too.

“To be a philosopher,” said Thoreau “is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school, but to love wisdom and live according to her dictates —– a life of simplicity, independence, magnanimity, and trust.”

I believe if I can but find wisdom, all things will be added to me. “Seek ye first the good things of the mind,” Bacon admonished, “and the rest will either be supplied or its loss will not be felt.”

Truth will not make me rich, but it will make me free!

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  • Ayax

    What a pic! I want one like this. Good article, Dewey

  • Sharon

    Dewey. This sounds like chapter one of your biography. Please continue. Must be the time of reflection right now. This weekend was my highschool reunion (grad 68). I had been looking forward to it for the past year but in the end did not attend. Apart from having to fly across the country I did not want to risk somehow reverting back to the person that I was back then. Still reflection about then, now and the time between has been fruitful and I am more at peace with my decisions (those questionable ones) than I have been for a long time. Be gentle with yourself. Sharon

  • A brilliant philosophy and I love the picture.

  • Dewey Edward Chester

    Sharon, you wish me to continue?

    I feel as you do, that it is time for reflection right now, regardless of whether you made the trip across country or not, it was time for you to consider the journey you have already made; criticisizing and harmonizing your desires, and their consequences for your future.

    Tell you what: if I continue, then you must continue as well… gentle with yourself at this time of exposure. Dewey

    • Sharon

      Dewey We have a deal. We shall both continue and be gentle with ourselves. I will look forward to reading the result. Thank you for the advice. Sharon

  • Dewey Edward Chester

    Ayax, you are most kind with your comment, and I adore you humor; thanks!

  • Dewey Edward Chester

    My Dear Laura,
    Surely a picture is worth one man’s philosophy. (chuckle)

  • Rick Kugler

    “I wanted to learn to laugh in the face of the inevitable, to smile at the looming of death”
    Everyone should live by this philosophy. This was a great read, brilliant philosophy! Thank you for sharing such wonderful wisdom.


Dewey Edward Chester, Ph.D. (eq.), is a Los Angeles Professor of Screenwriting, and the author of “Boomer: Sex, Race and Professional Football.” He is a former professional football player, and was nominated for the prestigious White House Fellowship for Journalism Award, sponsored by President Bill Clinton’s Administration. **Boomer by Dewey Edward Chester is also on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Enjoy the reading, you cannot be indifferent.

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