American novels. Review of Boomer. The Context

American novels. Review of Boomer. The Context

American novels. The Context of Boomer: Why did Black men love White women in the l960’s? Black men saw that White women held passion for unaltered freedom.

American novels. Review of Boomer. The Context

American novels. Review of Boomer. The Context

MY BOOK; by Dewey Edward Chester “The Context of Boomer.”

The management of America had become a matter for which men could not be too intelligent, a matter that needed unhindered thought. How could American Society be saved, or be strong, except it be led by wise men?

What was more ridiculous than a liberal mob-led, passion-ridden Democratic Party —– a government led by debating societies; the choice of women and Negroes as members of the Supreme Court of the land?

This was the Conservative reaction to Democratic drivel, when the Viet Nam war required the silence of criticism, and when White women were plotting a revolution.

Had not Harvard Philosopher, W.E.B. Dubois, predicted such a revolt from replacement of custom, with Civil Rights?

The revolution came, and women and men fought for Civil Rights and against, bitterly and to the death. When Conservatives won, the fate of Progressives was sealed. Civil Rights leaders of the revolting Party were dismissed, blacklisted….or murdered.

Why did Black men love White women in the l960’s?

Black men saw that White women held passion for unaltered freedom.

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  • Dewey Edward Chester


    I am beginning to anticipate, with excitement, your creative headings and pictures that accompany with my episodes.
    I really enjoy how you are framing them with your words and pictures, Isabel. You and Martin are so very creative. Thank you.


  • Isabel del Rio

    Thanks, Dewey. It’s not difficult to get ideas if you are in contact with great artists or authors as you. Fantastic book! Interesting plot and exciting reading: Boomer by Dewey Edward Chester. Congratulations!

  • intriguing reading here…no matter one’s ethnicity or background or whatever – relevant then – and sadly, relevant now in this society –

  • Dewey Edward Chester

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Jenean; you ‘do’ understand my messaage. It is the same with the Women’s struggle, as Gloria Steinam in her ‘Ms. Magazine’ tried to portray, and Betty Friedan tried to emphasize from her office at the University of Southern California, or with the current Gay Marriage Rights struggle. We are all relevant human beings, with the word ‘STRUGGLE’ in our DNA. Hail! Hail! to Authenticity!

  • Beth A. Kelly

    The novel “Boomer” is a true American Epic ! Author ” Dewey Edward Chester” reaches the audience / readers that makes one think about how and what basis our country was originally built on. History and laws show that it was against the law for multi-cultural marriages. People were jailed just for simply being in love ! The novel “Boomer” has everyone put on a pair of rose /rainbow glasses to read,see,feel,totally summerge and saturate you with the experience of beauty from within. That is love from your innermost being. “Boomer” takes you on a journey of life and loves experiences that only a chosen few dare to step outside the so called norm to live and experience. Dewey Edward Chester is a man with great conviction and courage to take a stand and set a standard of how the “Creator” intended humankind to be !!!!!! Mr. Chesters writings are truly from the heart !!! Deweys approach to writing is far and few between !!! He is a fine example of the lost art of Epic and Creative Writing!!!!! As growing up from a mixed cultural background I know that in the end LOVE CONQUERS ALL !!!! Every Goliath, hinderence, stumbling block, opposition can and will never overpower the power of a great love between 2 human beings. Continue to forge forward Dewey with a great expectancy of greater and higher levels in front of you. Never take your eye of the prize, the championship of all championships – THE WINNER INSIDE OF YOU- The best is yet to come !!!!! Hold on and hold true!!!!!

  • (Here Martin). Dewey is one of the best writers I’ve ever read. My sincere congratulations, Dewey. We are very proud to publish your works. They are fantastic.

  • Excellent article Dewey. And may I add that it’s not taught in our schools how for example the Suffragettes actually did suffer, were beated, raped even killed because they fought for the right to vote. White women have suffered and therefore can identify with any and all civil rights movements.

  • Dewey Edward Chester

    Yes, Mari, it is why I have always been enamored of Harriet Beacher Stow and her great work, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” In Harriet’s day, she was bold, brash and expressed her opinion of Freedom that earned her Imortality. She dared to be ‘Authentic.”

  • Dewey Edward Chester

    Dear Martin,

    Suddenly, I feel as though I am the Emperor, wearing no clothes; I don’t know even remotely how to tell you how significant your comments are to me…..except to say to you: thank you, Martin!

  • Dewey Edward Chester

    Dear Ms. Kelly,
    Your thoughts have become a catalyst for a roaring fire of motivation within my Soul by your comment:

    “Every Goliath, hindrance, stumbling block, opposition will never overcome the power of a great love between two human beings. LOVE CONQUERS!”
    Ms. Kelly, this is the ‘unfolding mystery’ and reason for writing my episodic journey through the fertile pages of Yareah Magazine. My goal is to tell a story so dramatically, that no reader will ever question the power of Love.

  • Dewey Edward Chester

    People love your interviewing style on your radio show, Mari…a tribute to your skill.

    I was so fortunate you asked me to appear.

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Dewey Edward Chester, Ph.D. (eq.), is a Los Angeles Professor of Screenwriting, and the author of “Boomer: Sex, Race and Professional Football.” He is a former professional football player, and was nominated for the prestigious White House Fellowship for Journalism Award, sponsored by President Bill Clinton’s Administration. **Boomer by Dewey Edward Chester is also on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Enjoy the reading, you cannot be indifferent.

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